TV Dad Ray Romano Embarrasses His Real Son On TV, Is Father Of The Year

Look fellas, if Mom ain’t happy, no one is happy. Ray Romano knows that. Heck, he built a whole show around it. But the man also practices what he preaches and his wife wants grandchildren. So what should he do, since his boys are dragging their feet? Like any good father he decided to embarrass … Read more

Rob Lowe Wants You To Watch Him Hunt For Ozark Bigfoot On “The Lowe Files”

There’s nothing like a good campfire story. Being scared stiff by stories of things that creep in the night while huddled around the only light you can see is almost a rite of passage. For Rob Lowe and his sons, it was something more. Lowe and his two sons bonded over those tales and now … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Ruined Father’s Day By Having Kids Tell Their Dads the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

June is the month for Dads and grads. It is a month of celebration and happiness. It is also the perfect time to tell your Dad the worst thing you have ever done on live TV. Jimmy Kimmel asked kids about the worst thing they ever did while their fathers stood by silently. It’s many … Read more

5 Reasons I Still Ask My Dad for Advice (Even Though I’m an Adult)

Despite what I’d like to think about myself, I’m in my thirties, and it’s safe to say I’m an official adult. I always thought that once I hit adulthood, I’d have life figured out, but in some ways it’s quite the opposite. The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize that I don’t know everything, … Read more