Jennifer Hudson Shines As Aretha Franklin in New Trailer For “Respect”

Jennifer Hudson stars in trailer for Aretha Franklin film Respect

As Jennifer Hudson prepares to be seen in the iconic role of Aretha Franklin in the movie Respect, the new trailer has been released and it looks like we won’t be disappointed. The trailer kicks off with a montage of images from Aretha’s life and Jennifer belts our her iconic song  and title of the … Read more

Shania Twain Stars Opposite John Travolta in New Movie “Trading Paint”

Shania Twain John Travolta movie Trading Paint

Shania Twain is starring in her first major motion picture, Trading Paint, and it’s opposite John Travolta. Talk about pressure. Shania plays Becca, John’s love interest. John plays Sam, a veteran race car driver, who has a conflict with his son. In an interview with ET Canada, Shania sat down with John to talk about … Read more

Reese Witherspoon Introduced Her Body Double and We Can’t Stop Staring

When it comes to movies and television, there are so many tricks directors and actors pull to give viewers the best show possible— which often includes the use of a body double. Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram to introduce her fans and followers to Marilee, a woman who has acted as Reese’s body double in … Read more

“Steel Magnolias” is Coming To Netflix in August and We’ll Be Watching It On Repeat

Some days, it feels like all you see is sad, heartbreaking news everywhere you turn— but today, I have the God-honest pleasure of sharing that Netflix is bringing one of America’s all-time greatest films, “Steel Magnolias,” to its platform on August 1st. Truly this might be one of the best decision’s Netflix has made to … Read more

Taylor Swift, James Corden and Jennifer Hudson to Star in “Cats” Adaptation

In what might be some of the more bizarre news we’ve heard in a while, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden are all teaming up for a very meow-y project. According to Screen Daily, Swift, Hudson and Corden are set to star in the “Cats” film, directed by Tom Hooper, who directed “The Kings Speech.” Considering James … Read more

Reese Witherspoon’s “Sweet Home Alabama” Co-Star Josh Lucas Teased a Sequel and It’s What We Need Right Now

Back in 2002, romantics swooned over Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas in the much-loved movie “Sweet Home Alabama.” And now, more than 15 years later, these fans are still swooning over the idea that these two just might find themselves together again on the silver screen. “I would do it in a second,” Lucas said … Read more

A “Downton Abbey” Movie is Officially Coming, Starring the Original Cast

Exciting news for “Downton Abbey” fans! After much anticipation, the “Downton Abbey” movie is really happening and, according to People, the original cast is set to return with it. The much-loved show came to an end in 2016 after six successful seasons, and rumors of a movie quickly spread, leaving fans to wait (and wait) for … Read more

New Johnny Cash: Winding Stream Celebrates Carter and Cash

Just when we thought we’d seen it all from Johnny Cash, Winding Stream rolls into town. The Winding Stream tells the tale of the musical Carter and Cash Family, the dynasty at the heart of country music. A 90-minute documentary starting with the Original Carter Family – A.P., Sara and Maybelle – this film traces … Read more