Man Tries To Get Rid Of Bees In His Garage With Fireworks, Burns Down His House

Bees are great in their place. Our agricultural system could not exist without them. But nobody want’s a nest in their garage. If you were to find a nest of bees in your house, you could spray it or have a local bee keeper remove it. But you aren’t Mike Tingley, a man armed with … Read more

12 Oddly Named Fireworks That Could Also Be Country Albums or Reality TV Shows

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9 Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm On The Fourth Of July

Independence Day weekend is a time of family, celebration, and excitement for humans. But for your furry friend, it can sound like the world is ending. From dogs that bark all night, to those that have panic attacks at the sound of fireworks, it’s easy to see how stressful our celebrations are for your pet. … Read more

4 Southern Fireworks Shows for Your Bucket List

Americans like to celebrate their sovereignty by setting off gigantic explosions. That’s how we roll in the U.S.A. Fireworks entertain millions each summer. The louder the bang, the more oohhss and aahhss. Brilliant sparkles cascading overhead, accompanied by music. Few spectacles draw the masses like 4th of July fireworks. If you’re someone scheduling July 4th … Read more