Tim McGraw Enjoys Sun, Surf, Sand Vacation Before Heading Back To Work

Tim McGraw sun surf sand fishing vacation

Tim McGraw is soaking up the sun, surf and sand in the new year before he has to head back to work. The “Neon Church” singer headed south during winter break and he’s sharing some moments from the relaxing trip. Known for his love of fishing and hitting the high seas, Tim took to Instagram … Read more

Mike Fisher Took Isaiah Fishing and He Caught Himself a Big One

Little Isaiah Fisher, son of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher is finally living up to that last name of his, with some help from dear ol’ dad. During some time off from the Nashville Predators grueling season, Mike took Isaiah fishing and the little guy caught a fish on his first cast– and he reeled … Read more

If Staring at This Photo of Tim McGraw is Wrong I Don’t Want to Be Right

Just because Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a 20-acre, private island in the Bahamas doesn’t mean that Tim is automatically a great fisherman. But, obviously, it does mean that Tim has a perpetual tan to go along with super fit, non-dad-bod. While spending a few days in their own little paradise, Tim shared a … Read more

Bass Pro Just Bought Cabela’s For $4B And Now Rules The Outdoors Galaxy

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have similar roots: both started as mom-and-pop small businesses selling fishing gear in the 1960s. In the 50 years since, both have grown into enormous, billion dollar revenue outdoor chains. But, as of today, these two heartland chains are no longer competitors. Bass Pro Shops has just announced it has … Read more

Watching Kellie Pickler Noodling Is Sure To Brighten Your Day

If she isn’t already, Kellie Pickler is about to become one of your favorite TV personalities. She is undeniably fun and frequently finds herself in funny situations on her reality show “I Love Kellie Pickler” on CMT. One of the best moments comes when Kellie gets talked into trying noodling for the first time. Kellie, … Read more

This Old Fishing Blooper Reel Will Have You Literally Laughing Out Loud

Imagine your dad at the lake falling over and breaking stuff. That’s pretty much Bill Dance. Bill Dance is a legendary angler (23 National Bass Fishing titles and seven B.A.S.S. titles) and host of “Bill Dance Outdoors,” a fishing television series, since 1968. Bill always wears a Tennessee Volunteers hat and his signature big sunglasses … Read more

If Staring at This Photo of Tim McGraw and Two Fish is Wrong, We Don’t Want to Be Right

Tim McGraw recently posted a picture of Faith Hill’s legs to Instagram. The photo was fuzzy and clearly taken from pretty far away. But, still, one could tell that Faith has some rockin’ legs and there’s a reason Tim still has it bad for her. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWQNtM2lK3V/?taken-by=thetimmcgraw But, even though Faith looks good these days, Tim … Read more

Chris Pratt Won Instagram Again, This Time It’s an Adorable Fishing Photo with Son Jack

Chris Pratt may be in the middle of filming “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” in Hawaii, but he’s still got time for his son Jack and his favorite activity– fishing. And he’s got time for one of our favorite things, too– Instagram. Chris and Jack went fishing at Kualoa Ranch and it’s hard to tell who … Read more

Luke Bryan Says Untangling Fishing Line All Day is What Being a Dad is All About

Luke Bryan really loves Father’s Day and everything that comes along with it. Luke and Caroline Bryan are the proud parents of three boys and for Father’s Day truly loves spending the holiday doing the simple things with his boys like fishing. Luke says he ends up spending the day untangling fishing line all day, … Read more

Texas Man Catches Record Bass With A McDonald’s Chicken Nugget

It is possible to spend a fortune on expensive bait and tackle. You can waste thousands on fancy underwater sensors and trolling motors. You can pour over underwater topography maps until your head hurts. But you can never guarantee catching a trophy bass. It may be that we are overthinking the whole operation. Maybe we … Read more

Let Fisherman Chris Pratt Show You How To Clean A Fish

Chris Pratt likes to fish. He even claims that, “he put the man back into fisherman.” Well, ok. He primarily is a catch-and-release fisher, which is the most responsible way to go about the sport, but sat down with Vanity Fair to show them how to clean a fish. It may not be the clearest … Read more

Fishing Stereotypes That Describe All The Fisherman in Your Life

Let’s be honest, fishing has no season, but summer is the perfect time to cast a line. Whether you catch something or not, few things can beat a day a on the water with a buddy and a full cooler. But, there are some fishing stereotypes that can make the day frustrating: the guy who … Read more