The Masked Singer Reveals the Identity of the Flower

The Flower unveiled on The Masked Singer

With only 8 contestants left on The Masked Singer—Flower, Fox, Thingamajig, Tree, Leopard, Butterfly, Rottweiler and Flamingo— one more character was sent home Wednesday night (Nov. 20). .The latest episode pitted four of the best singers against each other. The Flamingo went up against Leopard, while the Flower took on the Rottweiler. [RELATED: ‘The Masked Singer’ … Read more

10 Flowers You Couldn’t Kill If You Tried

Okay, so not all of us have green thumbs. Everyone wants a beautiful garden, but if you’re gardening-challenged, you’re lucky just to have a garden at all in the summer. Wilted, unhappy plants are just your gardening life, and leaving the sprinkler system on constantly just doesn’t seem to help. For these kind of challenges, … Read more