Kenny Chesney Reveals Motivation Behind New Album, “Songs For the Saints”

Kenny Chesney beach video

With the release of his new album, Songs for the Saints, only a week away (July 27), Kenny Chesney is sharing his motivation behind music in a new video. Posted to his YouTube page, Kenny’s video show’s the singer on the island he loves so much, talking about his new album and the reason he wanted … Read more

3 Brave Men Try The 100 Layers Of Makeup Challenge And It’s A Sight To Behold

Under normal conditions, it’s a bit difficult to explain makeup to guys. They just don’t get it. But we can’t really blame these guys for not getting the 100 layer trend. These 3 unfortunate souls pile on foundation, nail polish, and lipstick to see what the whole trend is about. They’re surprisingly stoic about it, … Read more

This Makeup Tutorial Shows You How To Avoid Cakey Foundation And Large Pores

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of those pesky pores. You go out to a dinner party and you feel like your friends can see them for miles. So, in an effort to get rid of your pores, you cake on makeup, leading to a double makeup disaster. In an … Read more