Eat and Listen: Sam Hunt

This former University of Alabama at Birmingham quarterback knows a thing or two about music.  Sam Hunt helped write Kenny Chesney’s hit “Come Over” and Keith Urban’s latest hit “Cop Car.” Now he’s singing his own song “Leave the Night On” about staying up all night, and that gives me the munchies.  It must do … Read more

Tailgating Recipes: Straight From the Quad

The words “Alabama” and “football” are synonymous. This powerhouse team boasts 15 National Championships since its first season in 1892.  Three of those National Championships were won in the last 5 years. Considering this, it’s no wonder people love tailgating before games at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. The best place to tailgate before a game … Read more

5 Things Southerners and Northerners Have in Common

We’ve all heard the stereotypes that exist about Southerners and Northerners. These keep us always aware of the differences between the two groups, whether true or not. But what these stereotypes are also doing is building a cultural wall along the Mason-Dixon line. Yes, there are most certainly differences between them. There’s no denying that. … Read more

What Do Your Wedding Flowers Say About You?

Choosing just the right flowers for your wedding can be challenging. Brides find themselves calculating the costs or trying to decide which flowers best fit the overall theme of the wedding. Throughout history brides have also chosen flowers based on the flowers’ traditional meanings, and though most brides don’t take the time to worry about … Read more

Subliminal Messages in Country Music That Could Be Detrimental to Your Health

Diet, a nasty four-letter word, has haunted me for most of my life. However, when I was a little girl, I was skinny. In fact, I was so skinny that my daddy loved to say that a good March windstorm would blow me away. Nowadays, when Carrie Underwood sings, “there’s not enough wind in Oklahoma,” it … Read more

3 Reasons Why Country Queens are Feminist Icons

One of the first songs I memorized as a child was “Guys Do It All The Time” by Mindy McCready. The whole song goes through the double standard that is put upon women in relationships. Putting aside the fact that it must have been hilarious to hear a 6-year-old sing “…so I had some beers … Read more

Traditional Anniversary Gifts Translated for the Modern Southern Woman

The tradition of exchanging anniversary gifts goes back as far as medieval times, but some of the traditional (or even modern) anniversary gifts seem random and outdated. I feel sorry for all of the husbands out there desperately trying to find traditional anniversary gifts that your wife will actually like, because it can be hard to … Read more

Why the Best Football Players Come from the South

For the last decade multiple SEC teams have raised the crystal trophy following a championship football season. The reason for this? They have the best players, of course. Rosters full of elite Southern-bred players have consistently been victorious on college football’s highest level before natural progression leads them to the NFL. Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, … Read more