Ellen Found Out The Hard Way That Tim Riggins Should Not Play Quarterback

Tim Riggins was the best high school fullback in the state of Texas at one point in time. Well, sort of. He was the best fictional small town Texas football player, with a serious drinking problem, for the time in which “Friday Night Lights” aired. Riggins was so good on the show that at one … Read more

Minka Kelly Would Be “Front And Center” For A “Friday Night Lights” Reunion

Since it went off the air, “Friday Night Lights” has become one of the more popular shows in syndication. During it’s five seasons, the show struggled with ratings and looming cancellation threats but has since found a large and committed audience on Netflix. Many devoted fans would love to see a movie with the Taylors, … Read more

Kyle Chandler Says the Hardest Part of “Manchester By the Sea” Was Saying the Word ‘Furniture’

Kyle Chandler is the perfect man. He’s beloved by millions, including myself, for roles such as that of Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights and the dude who pretended to be George Strait in “Pure Country.” He was also part of one of the biggest movies of 2016, “Manchester By the Sea” I walked into … Read more

7 Real Life Prices of Your Favorite TV Character Homes

Some of our favorite TV characters live in really cool spots, others boast a more modern approach to life. But, do you really think the characters could afford to live in their actual homes? 7 Real Life Prices of Your Favorite TV Character Homes: 1. Eric and Tami Taylor The Taylor home is actually in … Read more

Kyle Chandler Pretended to Be George Strait in “Pure Country” Nearly 25 Years Ago

In October 2017, it will be 25 years since the release of Pure Country, the film in which Kyle Chandler totally pretends to be George Strait, ahem Dusty. So I think it’s time to revisit the beloved country film. It’s been a few years, so you may not remember the details of George Strait’s film … Read more

7 TV Characters So Annoying We Almost Can’t Watch Our Favorite TV Shows

Somehow, throughout the rich history of TV some of the most beloved and successful shows have also produced some of the worst characters. Like, they’re so annoying we almost can’t binge watch the show anymore. 7 TV Characters So Annoying We Almost Can’t Watch Our Favorite TV Shows: 1. Dana Brody // “Homeland” Honestly, the … Read more

6 TV Characters Who Should Move to “Nashville” Tomorrow

With Rayna James’ death and the addition of Rachel Bilson, “Nashville” is the hot place to be. Unless, of course, you’re Rayna and your surgery at a Nashville hospital went terribly wrong and only family could be in the ICU, but they let your daughter’s 6th grade choir in to sing a song. Since Connie … Read more

Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler Reunited at the EMMYs and It Was the Cutest Thing

You remember Tami and Eric Taylor from “Friday Night Lights,” right? The characters, which were played by Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, were (and are) the ultimate TV couple and everything I ever wanted in a relationship. Basically, they ruined me for all real-life relationships — but I’m not mad about it. Giphy Anyway, at … Read more

7 TV Characters We Wish Could Run for Office

It’s that time of year…every single commercial on land, air or water is asking for your vote or telling why you shouldn’t vote for the other guy. At this point, no one wants to vote for anyone. But, what if we could convince some of our favorite television characters to run for office? 1. Tami … Read more

10 Best Southern TV Characters

It’s no secret that our favorite television shows are the ones set in the South and these are by far the best Southern TV characters: 10. Flo If you watched TV in the late ’70s/early ’80s, chances are that you yelled the phrase, “Kiss my grits!” at least once or twice. (And maybe you still … Read more

4 of our Favorite Tim McGraw Movie Scenes

Tim McGraw has sold 40 million albums in the United States and is married to the equally legendary, Faith Hill, but around here, we think he should be getting a little more credit for his acting chops. With rumored roles on the books and coming to theaters soon, let’s have a look at some of … Read more

9 Best Southern TV Shows

First, what’s better than living in the Great American South? It’s likely you can’t answer that question, because even thinking about the answer produces an insane amount of emotions. The next best thing to living in the South, is being able to watch the life of Southerners (real and imagined) play out on television. Here … Read more