“Friends” Stars Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck Reunited and Fans Can’t Handle It

The stars have aligned! In what might be the greatest reunion ever, “Friends” star Courteney Cox and her TV love interest, Tom Selleck, recently ran into each other at a bar. And, luckily for all of us, there’s a video. Claudia Oshry, AKA Girl With No Job, shared the encounter on her Twitter showing Monica Gellar … Read more

Netflix Hilariously Announces “FRIENDS” Will Not Be Leaving in 2019

Over the weekend, “FRIENDS” fans were in a tizzy over news that the hit show would be leaving Netflix’s streaming service come January of 2019. After fans went crazy (and even started a petition to keep the show on the platform), Netflix made everyone’s Christmas wish come true, courtesy of a Ross Geller meme. The … Read more

15 Hilarious Tweets About “FRIENDS” Leaving Netflix in January

In what might be the worst news ever, news spread that NETFLIX would be removing the hit TV show FRIENDS from their streaming service come January 1, 2019. While fans are used to Netflix removing and adding TV shows and movies on their platform every month, many believed that removing FRIENDS was taking it one step too … Read more

“Saved By The Bell’s” Tiffani Thiessen Almost Played Rachel on “Friends”

It’s hard to imagine the cast of “Friends” being any different than the gang we know and love — but as it turns out, one of the main and most-loved characters was almost played by someone else. Tiffani Thissen, who is known for her role as Kelly on “Saved By The Bell,” recently revealed that … Read more

What Monica and Rachel’s Apartment on “Friends” Would Look Like Today

If you’re like me, you’ve probably watched every episode of “Friends” about 30 times over. No shame in the game. And, if you’re like me, you probably have fantasized about living in Monica and Rachel’s famous purple apartment. The team at an interior design startup, Modsy, did “Friends” fans a favor and mocked up what the … Read more

Blake Shelton Opens Up About Close Friends— ” I Hold Them High”

Blake Shelton performing

When your one of country music’s biggest stars, true friends are probably hard to come by. Do they like you for you or are they after your fame and money? Well, Blake Shelton is one of those superstars who can consider himself very lucky to have a few close friends. In recent interview with People, … Read more

Jennifer Aniston Sets the Record Straight on Divorce From Justin Theroux: “With All Due Respect, I’m Not Heartbroken”

Jennifer Aniston has pretty much been through it all during her 49 years of life but has always found a way of looking and acting gracefully when it comes to facing these challenges. And in a new interview with InStyle Magazine, the much-loved actress does it again as she discusses misconceptions about her personal life. … Read more

“Friends” Star Matt LeBlanc Quits Show Business

What does a star do after a hit? Many of them, especially if they are young) look for another hit. Matt LeBlanc was riding high after the the TV megahit “Friends” went off the air. He had a spinoff show about his character in the works called “Joey” and, like the rest of his co-stars, … Read more

7 TV Characters So Annoying We Almost Can’t Watch Our Favorite TV Shows

Somehow, throughout the rich history of TV some of the most beloved and successful shows have also produced some of the worst characters. Like, they’re so annoying we almost can’t binge watch the show anymore. 7 TV Characters So Annoying We Almost Can’t Watch Our Favorite TV Shows: 1. Dana Brody // “Homeland” Honestly, the … Read more

Lady Gaga Makes Matt LeBlanc Choose Between Monica and Rachel

Following her “Carpool Karaoke” session, pop icon Lady Gaga stopped by the “Late Late Show,” studio to take over host James Corden’s nightly monologue, perform her new song “Ayo” and, best of all, ask Matt LeBlanc the ultimate “Friends” question. While perched on the performance stage, Lady Gaga forced Matt to choose between Courteney Cox’s … Read more

Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox Played (and Obviously Dominated) This Round of “Friends” Trivia on “Celebrity Name Game”

Monica and Phoebe, aka Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, recently participated in a round of “Friends” trivia on “Celebrity Name Game” — and it was officially the best thing ever. The magical moment happened when Lisa appeared on a recent episode of the show. Courteney, who is an executive producer, saw it as an obvious … Read more