“Friends” Creator Says a Reunion Will Never Happen, Quit Trying to Make Reunion Happen

Are you a Monica or a Rachel? Or a Phoebe? Do you use Ms. Chanandler Bong as an alias when filling out online surveys? Is “How you doin’?” your favorite pickup line? If you’ve answered any of these questions, or clicked on this story for any reason, you might be a “Friends” freak. It’s okay, … Read more

Former “Friends” Star Matt LeBlanc Set to Headline in New Show Called “I’m Not Your Friend”

Matt LeBlanc, most famous for his role as Joey Tribbiani in “Friends,” is reportedly set to headline in a new CBS pilot cleverly entitled “I’m Not Your Friend.” The comedy is said to be written by “That ’70s Show” creators Jeff and Jackie Filgo, and follows LeBlanc who is left at home, strapped with the task … Read more

The Time Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift Went to a Hockey Game Together

I went to a hockey game once. I still don’t know if you’re supposed to call two hockey teams playing against each other a game or a match. I’ve spent my whole life in the South. If I were to ever go to a hockey event again, I would want to go with Carrie Underwood, … Read more

A Ranked Guide to Every “Friends” Thanksgiving Episode

At this point in television history, “Friends” is a classic sitcom. More people can quote a line from every single “Friends” episode than can sing the “Star-Spangled Banner.”  It’s ingrained in our growing up years or our moving out years. “Smelly Cat” is the cat we all want and we love “Days of Our Lives” … Read more

Taylor Swift Sings “Smelly Cat” on Stage with Lisa Kudrow

In an effort to create a total pop culture phenomenon, Taylor Swift invited Lisa Kudrow on stage to sing “Smelly Cat” with her. Kudrow, famously sang the song as her “Friends” character, Phoebe Buffay.   What a magical moment for anyone who appreciates anything. Anything at all.   So @taylorswift13 is THE best person I’ve … Read more