Ronnie Dunn Finally Delivered That Custom Airstream to Reba and It’s Pretty Amazing

Ronnie Dunn is one hell of a friend. Currently, Reba is on the receiving of his generosity and his gift is definitely one of the coolest gifts we’ve ever seen. A year or so ago, Ronnie set out to restore an old Airstream trailer with a friend for Reba. They stripped it down to bare … Read more

Gwen Stefani Sings “Be a Good Friend” on “Sesame Street”

Gwen Stefani recently took her signature style and swag to the streets. Or just one street– “Sesame Street.” Stefani was the special guest star during the 46th season of the beloved children’s show and taught everyone what the letter “F” really stands for. According to Gwen, “‘F’ is for friendship and ‘F’ is for fun, … Read more

Update: Taylor Swift Does Not Send Out #GirlSquad Invitations

During a recent interview with Complex, Chloe Moretz implied that Taylor Swift once sent her an invitation to join her #GirlSquad but she turned it down saying, “They [squads] appropriate exclusivity. They’re cliques! “ In turn, one of Taylor’s BFFs and #GirlSquad members set the record straight with “Entertainment Tonight” saying it doesn’t happen like … Read more

27 Years Later “Steel Magnolias” Cast Members Tell Us What They Really Think of Each Other

“Steel Magnolias” is one of the greatest movies ever made, according to most Southern women, anyway. The 1989 film epitomizes the strong bonds of female friendship and 27 years after its release, it’s still relevant, funny and heart-breaking. And just about anyone born before 1992 can quote a line or 12 from it. During a … Read more

Steve Martin and Stephen Colbert Sang a Song About True Friendship and It Was Wonderful

What happens when Stephen Colbert meets up with Steve Martin in a fake forest? Late night television gold is what. Martin wandered up on Colbert while he was sitting on a log in a fake forest and talked about the best and worst parts of friendship. Colbert noted that Hollywood is tough place to maintain … Read more

Luke Bryan and Rihanna: Music’s New BFFs

During a star-studded night where Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Florence Welch, Dave Grohl, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellie Goulding, Lenny Kravitz, Luke Bryan, Usher and Chris Stapleton all got together to honor Lionel Richie as the MusiCares Person of the Year– the real story was that Luke walked away with a new BFF. Luke … Read more