Mama June’s Daughter Pumpkin and Sugar Bear Got Into a Big Fight During the “From Not to Hot” Reunion

Mama June may be looking slim and sleek, but everything else seems to be boiling over. In a special, unaired clip “Entertainment Tonight” revealed just how high tensions are running between Mama June, her daughters Pumpkin and Honey Boo, and her ex, Sugar Bear. The clip shows Pumpkin and Sugar Bear screaming at each other … Read more

7 Things Mama June Said About Her Dramatic Weight Loss

At her heaviest, Mama June was 450 pounds, but thanks to hard work and multiple surgeries, she’s lost over 300 pounds. Mama June and daughter Alana sat down with “Good Morning America” to discuss the dramatic changes and of course, they had a few things to say. 7 Things Mama June Said About Her Weight … Read more

Mama June Shows Off Her 300-Pound Weight Loss

In a matter of one short reality TV show season, Mama June went from over 400 pounds to close to 160. During the finale of “From Not to Hot,” Mama June revealed that she originally started the weight loss to make her ex-husband jealous. “My goal when I first started this weight loss journey was … Read more

Mama June is Worried About Losing Her Signature Chin

Mama June is doing it all these days. Doing it all to lose weight, that is. As Mama June prepares to undergo surgery on her new show “From Not to Hot,” she has one major worry– losing her signature neck. And you know, that triple chin she loves talking about so much. “I’m ready to … Read more

Mama June’s Cheating on Her Diet and Lying to Her Trainer

Mama June just can’t let go, but who can blame her? When you’re stressed it’s easy to turn to vices. On the most recent episode of “From Not to Hot,” Mama June’s kids tell her trainer about all her secret stashes of fun. Her trainer isn’t interested in working with someone who doesn’t even care.