“The Big Bang Theory” Cast Faces Off Against Each Other In Girls Vs. Boys Trivia Game on “Ellen”

Big Bang Theory Game on Ellen DeGeneres Boys versus girls

When you have show that is as popular as The Big Bang Theory, you get all kinds of honors coming your way. So when the cast of the sitcom stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she had not choice but to name her new game after the TV series. “In honor of you guys we’re … Read more

8 Super Fun Games You Should Play With Your Family This Christmas

There is nothing like family game night. If you have relatives coming to town it gives everyone something to do without spending a small fortune taking everyone out. It also is the perfect way to stave off holiday cabin fever. But picking a game can be overwhelming, so we compiled a list of our favorites. … Read more

Beat The Carnival: Tips And Tricks To Help You Avoid Scams And Get Prizes

Carnival games exist to make money. In fact, a small carnival can pull in around $20k a day on their games alone. These simple games keep fairs and carnivals afloat by making you think you can win a big stuffed animal for your girlfriend when, in reality, they are nearly impossible. Just about everyone has … Read more

The World’s Largest Super Soaker Will Make All The Neighborhood Kids Jealous (And Injured)

As a child, a Super Soaker was your partner, your lone offensive summertime weapon. Nerf was the choice of indoor battles, but outside? That was the realm of the soaker. Since my childhood, Super Soakers have unleashed an unregulated arms-race by pumping out electronic, automatic, multi-cannon, chain gun equivalent, fire hydrants posing as toys. That … Read more

Lady Antebellum Is Not Very Good at Early Morning ‘Family Feud’

Lady Antebellum is really good at a lot of things. Not only are they stellar musicians but they’re genuinely good people. That said, they aren’t very good at playing Family Feud on an early morning radio show. You know how Family Feud goes, right? You have two teams — ahem, families — and they are … Read more