10 Indoor Plants You Couldn’t Kill If You Tried

For decades, interior decorators have insisted that a splash of green in each room effortlessly transforms the space. And to be honest, the thought of investing in a plant seems a bit more feasible than buying new furniture and rearranging the old. But if you’re anything like me, plants are a sensitive subject– sensitive in … Read more

Fool-Proof Way to Keep Dirt From Getting Up Under Your Fingernails in the Garden

There are countless benefits of growing a garden in your own home, backyard or greenhouse. Besides the fresh fruits, veggies and flowers you get to reap, gardens are also a huge stress relief, they allow you to control what goes into your food and they’re super cost effective. But, one thing that most people don’t … Read more

Fun, Easy Way to Give Your Bland Flower Pots a Little Color

Ever heard of hydro-dipping color? Typically, this method is used for high-tech processes like putting the camouflage on military helmets or applying fancy patters to products such is guns, cars and electronics, but now, you can do it in your very own home. Using only a large water-holding vessel such as a work sink or … Read more

Spring Garden Inspiration That’ll Have You Grabbing Your Hoe and Spade

Spring is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more ready. Don’t worry, it’s almost time to bring out the skirts and dresses. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the best part of spring: the flowers! If your garden could use some TLC, here’s some inspiration from us. Check out these gorgeous spring flowers … Read more

8 Best Things About Country Living

Living the country life means living the good life. It’s as simple as that. You can say what you will about the benefits of living in the city, but good luck trying to convince anyone who has ever lived in the country. There are just some things about country living that aren’t worth giving up … Read more