Country Music Buzz

It seems like every week is a big week in country music. And that’s the way we like it! Here’s our weekly recap of everything (or a lot of) that happened this week. Garth Brooks is being mysterious again. The BIG news of this week is news we don’t even know. But it is Garth … Read more

Five Songs That Will Turn Anyone Into a Country Music Fan

Taste is subjective they say; one person’s trash is another’s treasure and so on. But anyone who hasn’t jumped aboard the country music love train is clearly missing out on some of the best tunes ever strummed and lyrics ever penned. For those of you who remain unconvinced, or, more likely, those of you with friends who remain unconvinced of … Read more

Garth Brooks Serenaded Us on Jay Leno’s Last Show

There’s a good chance you were asleep when Jay Leno wrapped up his final show last night. If that was the case, here’s the video of Garth serenading the globe and Jay. Per the usual, it was awesome. But, it was also kind of dramatic, like Leno died or something. Enjoy! Garth Brooks – The … Read more

5 Country Songs Based on a True Story

It’s hard not to relate to music. Especially good music. Usually, this rings true with love songs, especially when you’re going through a breakup or something, but what about other songs? Don’t you wonder how musicians come up with some of their music? Well, from their life and true stories. Here are five country songs … Read more