The Bush Twins Read Text Messages from Their Dad on Camera–They Were Truly Wonderful and Dad-ish

Since Jenna Bush Hager became a regular on the “Today Show,” we have gotten to see a lot more of the personal side to the Bush family, especially JBH’s dad President George W. Bush. And though we’ve seen a lot of W., we are just now getting a glimpse into Jenna’s twin Barbara’s personal life. … Read more

5 Former Living Presidents Pal Around, Define #SquadGoals and Raise $31 Million for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Only a few time spans in United States history have produced five former living US Presidents. And even fewer times have brought those men together to put their differences aside and be cordial for the greater good of the American people. We are living in one of those times. (The last time was in 2013 … Read more

This Photo of the Bush Family Looking at the Solar Eclipse is All We Will Remember from Today

As the first total Solar Eclipse covered most of America for the first time since 1979, Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush watched together from their family home in Kennebunkport, Maine. They were joined by their family including former first ladies Barbara and Laura, (grand)daughters Jenna and Barbara, (grand) son-in-law Henry Hagar and … Read more

You Have to Hear Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Try to Out Grandparent Each Other

Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were together for the first time since they both became grandparents and forget social initiatives, foreign policy or taxes– these two just wanted to out grandparent the other. The two were together during a panel at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas as part of … Read more

George W. Bush Photobombs A Sideline Reporter, Proves That Presidents are Just Like Us

George W Bush is living his best life. The former President carries the clout of the most powerful office in the world, spends considerable time working with charities and wounded American soldiers, and (now that he’s out of Washington) doesn’t have to constantly jockey for political position. He has done the most stressful job in … Read more

This Photo of Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush in the Hospital Has Us Feeling Feelings

Politically, if you’re reading this, you probably thought President George W. Bush was one of the worst Presidents ever. Or, you think he was the greatest thing to ever happen to this country. You’re likely indifferent to his father President George H.W. Bush. Politics aside, if you’re a regular human, you probably took a real … Read more

President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush Will Do Super Bowl Coin Toss

Keep the faith, America– President George H.W. Bush and his wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush will be tossing the coin, together, before Super Bowl LI in Houston. The news is especially sweet, as both Bushes were recently in the hospital for pneumonia and bronchitis. Most recently, President Bush took part in the coin toss … Read more