Kelly Clarkson Prevents Fall At Indy 500 and Defends Chevel Shepherd From Online Troll All in One Day

Kelly Clarkson tripped up on red carpet at Indy 500

If there’s a list or an application to be Kelly Clarkson’s best friend, sign us up. The first cousin of country music has once again demonstrated why she is so beloved by fans, friends, and family during an appearance at the Indy 500. As Kelly made her way up the red carpet to where she … Read more

Chevel Shepherd Stuns with “God Bless America” at New Mexico’s Governor Inauguration [Listen]

Chevel Shepherd the voice Governor Inauguration God Bless America

You know her, you love her and you voted for her. Chevel Shepherd took home the win on Season 15 of “The Voice,” after defeating Kirk Jay, Kennedy Holmes and Chris Kroeze. Next, the singer headed home to New Mexico to perform for the newly elected Governor. As she prepares to work on her new … Read more