Megyn Kelly Isn’t Happy About Removal of “Gone With The Wind’ from HBO Max

Megan Kelly not happy with Gone with the wind removal

As racial tensions continue to erupt across the country, Megyn Kelly is finding it increasingly difficult to stay silent. For example, she’s not very happy about the temporary removal of the legendary film Gone with the Wind from HBO Max due to ongoing racial tensions. [RELATED: NBC Announces End of “Megyn Kelly TODAY” Following Controversy] … Read more

29 Celebrities Perform Lines from the Iconic Movie “Gone with the Wind” (and It’s Awesome)

  In a new and incredible video series by W Magazine called “Casting Call,” actors are asked to recite famous movie lines that are usually delivered by someone of the opposite sex. This time, a slew of 29 actors including Amy Schumer, Kristen Wiig, Eddie Redmayne and Samuel L. Jackson, deliver lines from the classic southern movie … Read more