Gordon Ramsay and Wife Tana Announce Fifth Baby on the Way

Gordon Ramsay is going to be a dad…again! The 52-year-old chef and his wife, Tana Ramsay, are expecting their fifth child together— and their announcement involved the whole family. In a video posted to his Instagram, we see each of Gordon Ramsay’s kids wish the camera a Happy New Year and, when it gets to his … Read more

“Hell’s Kitchen” Season 12 Contestant Jessica Vogel Dies at Age 34

Heartbreaking news from former “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant Jessica Vogel. Vogel died at the age of 34 on Monday, July 30. According to a statement from her fiance to NorthJersey.com, she was being treated for the inflammatory bowel disease colitis at a hospital in southern New Jersey when “her heart gave out.” According to her obituary, she … Read more

James Corden Serves Gordon Ramsay A Cold Dish Of Revenge (Fish Eyes)

Revenge, like fish eye, is a dish best served cold. At least, that’s how I assume one eats fish eyes. I hope I never have to know. Much to their credit and shame, both James Corden and Gordon Ramsay know what a fish eye tastes like. James ate one for the as a bet on … Read more

Let Gordon Ramsay Show You How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills

Gordon Ramsay is known for is loud and abrasive attitude in the kitchen. Despite his disposition, he really is an excellent teacher who knows how to take an beginner’s cooking skills to the next level. Everyone who has cooked can cook rice or boiled pasta, but with these tips, Ramsay can take your average spaghetti … Read more

Parting a Chicken: Getting The Most Out Of A Whole Bird

Chicken is the most common food bird in the world because It is tasty, healthy, and inexpensive. However, it is very easy to overpay for meat and even more common to waste the meat you buy. The most economical and responsible way to cook with chicken is to buy whole chickens from your grocer and … Read more

Just In Time For Summer: Gordon Ramsay’s Perfect Burger Recipe

Everybody thinks they have the perfect way to make a burger, but when Gordon Ramsay says he does, he actually means it. Everyone already knows you’re not supposed to mash the burger down on the grill, or handle the meat too much. But, did you know how to properly place the lettuce on the bun? … Read more

Gordon Ramsay Roasted Martha Stewart, Chrissy Teigen and More Over Their Food Photos on the Internet

Gordon Ramsay has a real knack for saying exactly what he thinks and feels. Ramsay often replies to tweets from fans and tells them what he thinks of their food photos. It’s brutal, yet hilarious. During a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live” Ramsay told the world how he felt about food from Chrissy … Read more

Gordon Ramsay Actually Liked Some Dishes On “Kitchen Nightmares”

For nearly a decade, Gordon Ramsay searched America far and wide for the worst restaurants. He bravely tested some of the nastiest, greasiest dishes in countless musty dining rooms, much to our delight. There’s nothing better than seeing him verbally eviscerate some clueless chef who is overly prideful of some mysterious dairy goop dish. But, … Read more

[Recipe] Hunting and Cooking Wild Boar with Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is an unstoppable force in the kitchen. He is bombastic, knowledgeable, and an expert in all things food. He has also shown that he is a teacher at heart, sharing his recipes and experience all over the Internet. That includes demonstrating how to hunt, butcher, and cook a wild boar in rural Georgia. … Read more

Gordon Ramsay Gives Amazing Cooking Advice To Random Twitter Users, But He Can Help You Too

Gordon Ramsay is an expert chef known for his often hilarious brutal honesty. Typically, you can find him berating sous chefs, but today Ramsay uses his powers for good by answering questions from average Jack and Jills and demonstrating techniques that will take your cooking to the next level. He demonstrates how to mince garlic, … Read more