Proud Grandpa George W. Bush Welcomes New Grandson Hal Into the Family

George W Bush and Laura Bush welcome grandson Henry Hal Hager

The former first family just got a little bigger with the addition of Jenna Bush Hager’s new son Henry “Hal” Hager on Friday, Aug. 2 and Grandpa George W. Bush couldn’t be more excited. [RELATED: Jenna Bush Hager and Husband Henry Welcome Third Baby, Henry “Hal” Hager] The former President, Bush 43, took to Instagram to … Read more

There Is Nothing Better Than Southern Grandparents Drinking Moonshine

You could have your grandparents try all of the newfangled technology in the world and get the same reactions. But if you really want to have fun, give them something that used to be illegal, something that doesn’t taste good but is associated with a lot of great stories. You got to give ’em moonshine. … Read more

Warning: Do Not Give Your Meemaw And Papaw Bubble Tea, They Will Hate It

In the South, we have a deep and abiding love for our grandparents. It’s not that other folks don’t, but southern grandparents are unique. To them, “tea” is best brewed in the summer sun and sweetened with sugar or honey. It certainly isn’t thick and full of tapioca balls. Southern Living convinced a group of … Read more

This Grandpa Built His Granddaughter a Theme Park and It’s the Sweetest Thing Ever

Grandparents are no strangers to showering their grandchildren with love and attention. Like, lots of love and attention. But, Jimmy White of Decatur, Texas has kind of taking that love and attention to a whole new level– he built a personal theme park for his first granddaughter Sophia. The moment he heard his daughter was … Read more

These Southern Grandparents Tried to Use Snapchat and the Results Were Disastrous

In this day and age, Snapchat is one of the most-used methods of communication — love, hate or don’t understand it, that’s just the way it is. But, the majority of grandparents (unless you have the hard-to-come-by techy kind) have absolutely no clue what the app is, much less how to use it. So, with … Read more

Grandmas Play Hilarious Round of “Hot or Not” with Some of Our Favorite Celebrities

Remember “Hot or Not?” It’s that game you used to play as a middle schooler (or at least my friends and I did) where you’d go down a list of names, celebrity or not, ruthlessly dubbing them “hot” or “not hot.” Well, in a funny twist on the classic sleepover game, a group of outspoken … Read more