Luke Bryan Smokes Out Wife Caroline While Grilling in Their House [Watch]

Luke Bryan smokes out wife Caroline with indoor grilling

Luke Bryan is good at a lot of things. He’s an good entertainer, singer, and songwriter. We’re pretty sure that his family thinks he’s an exceptional husband, father, son, and uncle. He’s heavily involved in Buck Commander. And he’s even in the restaurant biz with his 32 Bridge Bar. But he might want to avoid … Read more

Meet Your New Favorite Steak: Marinated Flank Steak

Flank steak is one of the more underrated cuts of meat on the market. It is a thinner cut, making some people think it isn’t worth their time, but when it comes to flavor and price, the flank steak can’t be beaten. And once you add this marinade into the mix –shoot!– meet your new favorite … Read more

What Your Cookout Is Missing: Grilled Pineapple

Pineapples are the ultimate summertime fruit, but you can make it better. Grilled fruit may not seem like the thing your cookout was missing, but trust me, it is. You can perfect a steak, and it’s still just a steak. But you can add the smokey, sweet fruit of a grilled pineapple to salsa, scoop … Read more

Smoked Chicken With Dippin’ Sauce For The Hungry Man

Gentlemen, it’s time to master your grill. Let’s move beyond simple burgers and brats to smoked meats and culinary creations that will leave your family wowed and your stomach satisfied. It takes more time and ingredients than a boiled frank, I’ll admit, but when you pull a roasted chicken– blackened, juicy, and spicy- off the … Read more

The Easiest Way To Make Food Off The Grill Taste Amazing

There is a profound difference between grey oven-made steak and sizzling meat off the grill. It is an art form for most men. They have their unimpeachable method for cooking; anything else is sin. I’m not here to mess with your method, I think you should add one simple ingredient to the fire: hardwood. I … Read more

The Perfect Party Food: Gigantic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you’re looking for a super easy recipe that tastes good and will feed a lot of people (or hungry kids/teenagers), you’ll want to watch this video from Food & Wine on how to make a gigantic grilled cheese sandwich. You only need Hawaiian rolls, cheese, melted butter, and a couple of large baking sheets. … Read more

Whole Roasted Devil-Style Chicken That Will Leave You Wanting More

When it comes to the grill, beef is king. Some never stray from red meat on their grill. That, friends, is a mistake. Chicken is incredible over an open flame. The skin crusts beautifully and the meat is forgiving, allowing even novices to make an excellent meal. This recipe for “pollo alla diavola” or “devil-style … Read more

These 4 Baked Chicken Wing Recipes Will Have You Ready To Tailgate Fast

Everyone knows that wings are a staple at the perfect football tailgate. Unfortunately, you might not always have the time to go out and grill a batch of the perfect wings. For days like these, we have these easy oven baked chicken wings. These things taste just as good as the grill, and you can … Read more

5 Grilling Recipes Every Man Should Master

When it comes to grilling, this is your one-stop spot for your next weekend outdoor get together. 1. Classic Cheeseburger If you don’t want your bun to get soggy, don’t leave the meat on it too long before eating. Ingredients: Brioche (or other soft hamburger bun) brushed with butter and toasted Raw red onion Ketchup … Read more

Beer Can Cabbage Is A Vegetarian Dish You’ll Actually Eat

Cabbage is not exactly something that comes to mind when you think of tasty barbecue. After all, meat is a staple of pretty much all of our cookouts, with the occasional coleslaw, potato salad, or salad showing up for the not so meat-loving guests. The idea of braising and barbecuing a head of cabbage seems … Read more

These Grilled Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers Are Both Delicious And Nutritious

You hear it all the time. Eat healthier, put more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Eat fit, get fit. You know. But who wants to sit there eating bland, tasteless food all in the name of being healthy? You want a meal, not a chore. Fortunately, we’ve got the solution to that problem. These … Read more