How to Avoid #AvacadoHand

The oddest hashtag is trending on Twitter: #avocadohand. Even Merryl Streep has it. It has nothing to do with the green fruit that we all love. Avocado-Hand is the new medical slang for, “slicing your hand open while trying to cut an avocado.” Despite what other outlets (and even a few plastic surgeons) are saying … Read more

Chipotle Shared Their Guacamole Recipe Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo (And It Won’t Cost You Extra)

Whether you get it or not, you know that at Chipotle guacamole is extra. I know, and for me it is worth the up-charge. Chipotle does it right: great ingredients, made fresh, and just the right amount of seasoning. On top of that, they aren’t stingy. They have shared their “Not-So-Secret Guacamole” recipe on their … Read more

This Guacamole Recipe Will Change Snack Time Forever

Guacamole is a pretty delicious and easy way to eat more avocado. Packed with nutrients, but still tasting like a sinful snack (especially with chips), this appetizer is soon to become one of your household favorites. So easy the kids can make it, this guac might become a staple for your mealtimes. Check out the … Read more

Bacon Chips And Guacamole Recipes That Will Change Your Life

Okay, so these recipes are practically heart attacks waiting to happen, but you only live once! Both bacon and guac are strong contenders for the “best food of all time” title, so why not just have both… at the same time? Bacon chips and guac are definitely the snack no one needs but everyone totally wants. Check out … Read more