Actor Chris Pratt Mourns the Loss of Prince Rupert the Ram On His Ranch: ‘It’s a Solemn Day’

Chris Pratt mourns loss of Ram Rupert on famr

It has seemed that we’ve all been under an umbrella of sadness in recent months as we continue to watch the country suffer within the current pandemic. But sadness comes in all forms and for all reasons, and actor Chris Pratt is feeling some of that sort of sadness right now himself as he mourns … Read more

Everything Leaving Netflix in June 2019

Guardians of the Galaxy and Everything leaving Netflix in June 2019

Netflix is doing some spring cleaning and their letting go of some oldies but goodies just in time to make room for all the movies coming to the streaming service in June 2019. [RELATED: Here’s Everything Leaving Netflix in May 2019] With that in mind, some favorites have to go. This is your last chance to … Read more

Chris Pratt Reacts to “Guardians of the Galaxy” Director James Gunn’s Firing With Bible Verse

Living in the spotlight of stardom can be somewhat challenging, especially when a scandal erupts. That’s exactly what is happening as of late to actor Chris Pratt. Following the firing of James Gunn as the director of Pratt’s film “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” the star ended up using a bible verse to express … Read more

Chris Pratt Thanks Jesus During His First Public Appearance After Announcing His Divorce

No matter how hard you try, divorce in Hollywood is a public affair. It is as difficult as it is for the rest of us, just add a couple million spectators and commentators. As such, it is tempting for celebrities to act as if nothing is wrong or air their dirty laundry. Chris Pratt has … Read more

Local Reporter Was Not Ready For The New “Guardians of the Galaxy” Ride

Ah, local news, the bastion of information and justice in our cities fueled by the hard work of reporters digging for truth. That and one of the better sources of live bloopers. Local reporters are frequently caught unaware by cameras or fall prey to local pranksters trying to get their 15 seconds of viral fame. … Read more

Let Fisherman Chris Pratt Show You How To Clean A Fish

Chris Pratt likes to fish. He even claims that, “he put the man back into fisherman.” Well, ok. He primarily is a catch-and-release fisher, which is the most responsible way to go about the sport, but sat down with Vanity Fair to show them how to clean a fish. It may not be the clearest … Read more

Chris Stapleton Sent Chris Pratt His New Album — ON TAPE — and Made the Actor’s Dreams Come True

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? It’s a pretty famous movie in which Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill and his most prized possession is mix tape his mom made 30 odd years ago. Well, now Pratt and his character have something in common. Pratt has been pretty vocal as of late about his love … Read more

This Guy Sued His Date For Texting During “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2”

We all have had bad dates, but have you ever had a date so bad you would sue for reimbursement? According to the Austin Statesman Brandon Vezman, 37, has and is seeking $17.31 in damages against an unnamed woman who texted throughout a showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.” “It was kind of … Read more

Chris Pratt Takes on The Toughest Prank Call Challenge

The cast of “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2” has been on a relentless road trip over the past few weeks promoting their new movie. Because it’s 2017, no interview can be just an interview. They have to make celebrities play games, perform tricks or do something viral. Chris Pratt more than anyone. He has … Read more

Noted Snacker Chris Pratt Plays, ‘What Is My Snack?’ While on the Red Carpet

Chris Pratt has been working hard to stick to his movie-fit diet, even when it made him go a little crazy. The diet was so strict that he began coveting his snack time, so much that he shared it with the world in a bit he called “What’s my snack?” E! News recently turned the … Read more