This Man Was Gifted Guy Fieri Crocs for Christmas From His Girlfriend and The Internet Thinks He Should Propose Now

Is there such thing as a perfect gift for someone? Some would argue, yes, there is such a thing. Others would disagree because some people are entirely too hard to please. I think, usually, most gifts can be pretty perfect for a person if they are thoughtful and you give someone something they never thought … Read more

Guy Fieri Says 3 Words Changed His Life, And They Came From Rachael Ray

In an interview with Delish, Guy Fieri shared that he can attribute his entire career to three words that Rachael Ray once told him. According to Guy, it was the best advice he has ever received in his entire life. The three words? Never burn tape. Confusing, right? But once you hear his explanation, it … Read more

Guy Fieri Brought His Oven and Barbecue Smoker To Cook For Santa Rosa Evacuees

As fires continue to sweep across wine country, people are looking for any and all ways they can help the evacuees, celebrities included. Guy Fieri, who has lived in Santa Rosa since the ’90s, brought a crew, a wood-fired oven and his barbecue smoker to a Santa Rosa evacuation center where he proceeded to cook … Read more

Guy Fieri Hates That Famous Flame Shirt And We Can’t Say We Blame Him

I don’t know about you but when I think of Guy Fieri, I instantly picture the man with frosted blonde spikes and a goatee, and of course he’s wearing a black Hawaiian-style button up shirt with bright flames shooting upwards, almost as if to imitate his spiked hair. But in a recent episode of the … Read more

Guy Fieri Has A New Show Coming To Food Network And It’s Basically The “Shark Tank” Of Cooking Shows

Great news for Guy Fieri fans! The Food Network star has a new show airing on November 5, and it’s being called his “biggest project yet.” The new series, appropriately named “Guy’s Big Project,” will showcase Guy and his team of production partners and chefs as they hit the road in search of a great … Read more

Guy Fieri’s Beloved Goatee and Frosted Tips are Now On a Swimsuit

A couple of days a week, to unwind, I watch “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” I’ve seen almost every episode. I’m not ashamed of this. The show is hosted by everybody’s favorite TV host that looks like the guy from Sugar Ray, Guy Fieri. I don’t love Guy’s look, but his vibe isn’t criminal or anything. … Read more