Ariana Grande Just About Breaks the Internet with New Quarantine Hair-Do

Ariana Grande breaks internet with new hairstyle

Ariana Grande is going au natural, and it’s beautiful. Currently self-isolating like the rest of the country to help curb spread of the coronavirus, Grande headed to her Instagram page on Monday (March 30) to show off what her hair really looks like when she just lets it fall. And believe it or not, it’s … Read more

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Ever since she auditioned for American Idol in 2005, Carrie Underwood has been one of America’s favorite country artists– and it’s easy to see why! Her voice is incredible, she has the heart of an angel, and let’s face it– she’s got a great head of hair. We decided to go back through the time … Read more

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Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany is Back With a Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

Want to know how to get the perfect beach wave? Well, Brittany Layne — also known as Brittany Kerr Aldean — is here to help. Mrs. Jason Aldean has been offering another tutorial in her “Everyday” look line. First, she created makeup videos to get an easy, casual look. Now she’s doing the same with … Read more

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