Super Hot Alexander Skarsgård is Bald Now and The Internet Cannot Even

Just a few weeks ago, Alexander Skarsgård was all over the Internet because he walked away as the Outstanding Supporting Actor at the 69th Annual EMMY Awards and because maybe on his way to the stage, he shared quite an interesting kiss with co-star Nicole Kidman in front of Keith Urban. In the weeks since, … Read more

Chip Gaines Has a Man Bun and We Have Opinions

Admittedly, I’m one of the only people in the world not afraid to admit that I’m not super into “Fixer Upper.” I think it’s because the first season or so seemed all the same to me– shiplap and big clocks. It’s grown on me a little over time, but it’s just not “House Hunters,” you … Read more

Lauren Alaina Has a Rockin’ New Pink(ish) ‘Do

Right now, there’s no stopping Lauren Alaina. She recently scored her first No. 1 single with “Road Less Traveled,” dropped a bold second single and now– she’s got a new ‘do to match. The 22-year-old is opening up select dates for Luke Bryan’s Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour and now she’ll do it … Read more

Maren Morris Cut Off All Her Hair and She Looks Like a Total Boss

We’ve only know Maren Morris for a little over a year, but she’s always long brown hair. And she’s always been one to play with different looks and styles. Maren could wear her hair super straight like Cher back in the back or all curly live a total diva and look badass. And now, she’s … Read more

Get Effortless Waves With This Easy Tutorial

We love easy hairstyles, particularly when they involve gorgeous waves. Unfortunately, waves seem to take forever to put together, and even if you manage to tame your hair, you forget pieces or watch your waves fall out within a few minutes. Fortunately, this tutorial makes gorgeous waves a snap, meaning you can have them for … Read more

Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany is Back With a Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

Want to know how to get the perfect beach wave? Well, Brittany Layne — also known as Brittany Kerr Aldean — is here to help. Mrs. Jason Aldean has been offering another tutorial in her “Everyday” look line. First, she created makeup videos to get an easy, casual look. Now she’s doing the same with … Read more

Make Dinner And Have Gorgeous Curls With This Edible Hair Curling Hack

Have you ever made a breadstick and thought, “I just really want to curl my hair with this thing.”? Well now you can. Weird, we know. Apparently you can turn food into makeshift curlers, which is something we never would have thought of ourselves. Check out this really odd but super effective hack and see … Read more