This Dog Seeing Snow For This First Time Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes

‘Tis the season for heartwarming videos and pets experiencing Holidays for the first time. Cats tend to be Grinch-like, breaking ornaments and knocking over trees. But dogs? Dogs lose their ever-loving minds at Christmas because they get it! Dogs live the Christmas spirit every day, so when they get to see it manifest outside of … Read more

Fans Surprise John Cena To Thank Him For Being Their “Life Changer”

You never know what your words and actions mean to someone else. Even if you are put on a pedestal you can only hope that your life is a source of positive change in the world. John Cena has built his wrestling career on being a hard working guy who cares about his fans, inspiring … Read more

Woman Finds Long Lost Engagement Ring On A Carrot (And It Still Fits)

Imagine the tragedy of losing your engagement ring after fifty years of marriage. It would be devastating. Now imagine finding that ring 13 years later. Elation, joy, jubilee! Wow, what an emotional roller coaster that was…Anyway, that is exactly what happened to 84 year-old Mary Grams whose daughter in law found the ring in the … Read more

Dog Photographer Of The Year Is The Competition You Didn’t Know You Needed

In the midst of a swampy and negative news cycle, we all need a bit of happiness. The Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year Awards has just announced their 2017 winners, and all the photos are just perfect. Whether you love dogs or simply tolerate them, there is something here for everyone. Look at … Read more