Rocket Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized But Is Now Saving Lives In Houston

Rocket was once a no-name stray who was “too energetic” to live in a SPCA shelter. Staff considered Rocket unadoptable and they were running out of space, so Rocket was placed on the euthanize list. Today, he is one of many search dogs saving lives in Houston. Rocket was rescued and has now become the … Read more

A Man Called In An Order For A Burrito And A Boat At Chick-Fil-A In Houston And They Delivered Both

Who would you call if you were hungry and your house was flooding? One Houston resident called a local Chick-Fil-A and to order food and a boat. And wouldn’t you know it, they went above and beyond, bringing food, a rescue boat and two jet-ski’s to rescue the elderly man and his wife. They filled … Read more

Local News Reporter Loves That People Are Sharing Shots Of ‘Water’ With Each Other In Houston

The devastation left by Hurricane Harvey has brought out some of the best in Americans. It has proven our resolve and determination to care for those in need. But local news is gonna local news. A clip of victims being rescued in high water went viral after a reporter pointed out a sweet moment. She … Read more

Stranded Parents Are Joining Their Kids At College

Parents don’t get to see much of where their money goes while their kids are in college. Their children are out of the house, living independently, but funded by parents far away. Some parents who fled Hurricane Harvey are remedying this by joining their kids at school. Some are even going to class to make … Read more

Coldplay Played A New Song (That They Will Never Play Again) In Support Of Houston

Coldplay is not a country band, but they wrote a country inspired song to honor and support everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Before they started to play the song, frontman Chris Martins said, “This is a new song and we’ll never play it again. It’s a once-off called ‘Houston.’” Coldplay debuted the song in Miami, … Read more

Bachelor Sean Lowe Took A Boat To Houston To Rescue Hurricane Victims

Most of the current “news” surrounding “The Bachelor” and its sister shows deals with men unable to stand up for more than shot at fame or an acting career. You don’t see much clarity or resolve in those boys. But “Bachelor” alum Sean Lowe isn’t one of them. The Dallas native could not just sit … Read more

Good Boy Otis Hit The Streets During Hurricane Harvey To Find His 5 Year-Old Owner

As hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc across the southern coast of Texas, Texans banded together to help one another. They jumped into the water to rescue children, friends, and strangers stranded by the rising waters. They opened their homes to those in need and cared for everyone who needed it. One dog, a good boy named … Read more