The Brussel Sprout Recipe that will Change Your Life for the Better (and Healthier)

Over the years, brussel sprouts have gotten a bad rap. As a child, they were used as a punishment tactic: “Clean your room or else you eating brussel sprouts for dinner, young lady!” I spent the majority of my adolescence avoiding them at all cost. In fact, I wouldn’t even going near the little green … Read more

Australia Native Kayla Itsines Is Taking Over the Fitness World

If you haven’t heard of Kayla Itsines, or her Bikini Body Guide (BBG), we are forced to ask if you’ve been living under a rock. The Aussie fitness goddess has created a 12-week workout program that is sweeping the world — literally, it’s printed in five different languages. Her objective is simple: provide a way … Read more

Carrie Underwood’s Super Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Carrie Underwood not only offers our ears a respite from day-to-day mundane noise, but beauty advice and now, a hearty, healthy breakfast recipe. Carrie is every woman. Carrie Underwood’s Super Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Ingredients: 1/2C oatmeal, 1/2C unsweetened vanilla almond milk 2tbs almond slices 1/2tbs chia seeds pumpkin pie spice blueberries Directions: Mix together and … Read more

5 Brussels Sprouts Recipes That Will Change Your Mind About Brussels Sprouts

After years of being left out of the dinner menu, brussels sprouts have made one heck of an emergence back on to the plates of diners, at home and in restaurants. Brussels sprouts have been getting a bad rap for years, but when prepared correctly there’s not a healthier or tastier side dish for your … Read more

Healthy Southern Comfort Food: Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Living in the south, there’s tons of down home carb-loaded comfort food. Food that brings friends and family around the table. There’s nothing better than chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Except maybe these Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes. First of all, there are only four ingredients; second of all, you think that you’re eating … Read more