Kate Gosselin Shares Proud Moment as Twins Mady and Cara Graduate High School

Kate Gosselin twins mady and cara graduate High School

Boy how time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were watching Kate Gosselin and her husband at the time, Jon Gosselin, handle the chaos of their newborn sextuplets and their twin  girls, Cara and Mady on the TLC series Jon & Kate plus 8 in 2007. [RELATED: Kate Gosselin’s 17-Year-Old Twins Open Up About Their Estranged … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini Goes Back Home and Crashes High School Prom

Kelsea Ballerini performing on stage

When you’re Kelsea Ballerini and you go back to your hometown in Knoxville Tennessee, what do you do?  Well… apparently you find the nearest high school and crash their prom. Earlier that week, Kelsea sent out a Tweet about her hometown and dropping a not so subtle hint that she may crash a prom that … Read more

Brad Paisley Surprises An Illinois High School With An Inspirational Graduation Concert

Brad Paisley was not supposed to attend Barrington High School’s graduation. But that’s what made the surprise so memorable. After a brief introduction, Paisley walked on stage, sharing words of wisdom with the graduates and playing “Letter to Me” and “Last Time for Everything.” The surprise appearance was the result of a competition held by … Read more

7 Things You Need to Hear When You’re in High School

Oh, high school. The years that are supposedly the best of your life. But don’t let those cheesy high school movies fool you, you’re not crazy for feeling like it’s not all sunshine and daisies — high school is a hard, growing, stretching experience. While the high school experience is different for everyone, there are definitely things that everyone … Read more