15 Hilarious Tweets About The Unwanted Recap Episode of The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Hilarious Tweets with Hannah B and Luke P

Hannah B has done it again [SPOILER ALERT]. She kept Luke P for another week by giving him a rose on Monday night’s (June 17) episode of The Bachelorette. [RELATED: 17 Hilarious Tweets About Luke P’s Behavior on The Bachelorette] For those who don’t know, Luke P may just be the most hated contestant to appear … Read more

10 Hilarious Tweets About Beth and Randall’s Big Fight on “This Is Us”

Randall and Beth Big Fight Hilarious Tweets This is Us

In the latest episode of “This is Us,” Randall and Beth Pearson’s tensions came to a head with their big fight. However, on the plus side, we also got to see the very loving backstory of the couple and it just melted our hearts. Suffice it to say, it made us love Beth and Randall … Read more

14 Hilarious Tweets About Colton Underwood Becoming “The Bachelor”

Colton Undewrood bachelor

When Colton Underwood was announced as the nest “The Bachelor” Tuesday morning on Good Morning America, the Twittersphere blew up with both negative and positive reactions.  While many women wanted to know if it was too late to sign up for “The Bachelor” to get their chance at dating Colton, many others were disappointed, hoping … Read more