This Picture of President George H.W. Bush With Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama Will Make You Proud to Be An American

It was a weekend of celebrating and remembering a life well-lived as thousands gathered in Houston to pay their respects to former First Lady (and Mother) Barbara Bush. While there were many striking images from the weekend, one stood out– after the funeral President George H.W. Bush gathered with former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill … Read more

“Saturday Night Live” Opens with Hillary Clinton Singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

In the wake of the most troubling and diversifying election this country has ever seen, “Saturday Night Live” went for stoic over funny by paying tribute to Hillary Clinton and the late Leonard Cohen. Just days after the legendary singer-songwriter passed away at the age of 82, Kate McKinnon dressed in a white pantsuit took … Read more

“Saturday Night Live” and Host Tom Hanks Parody Final Debate in Brilliant Skit

Even though he accused them of rigging the election, the cast of “Saturday Night Live” has not backed off of parodying Donald Trump — and the Presidential debates. Over the weekend, “SNL” was back again to hilariously reenact last week’s third and final debate between presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Host Tom Hanks … Read more

Baltimore Sun Writer Says Hillary Clinton Should “Go Country” to Woo Donald Trump Supporters and Her Logic is Real Interesting

I have to admit, I think this is the first time I have ever read a column written by Nancy Langer. I don’t think her op-ed “(Hillary) Clinton should go a ‘little bit country’ to court Trump fans” isn’t totally weird, it’s just mostly weird. First, Langer wants everyone to know she knows more than … Read more

Ellen Shares Video of Hillary Clinton and Ken Bone Dancing During the Second Presidential Debate and It Kind of Made the Thing Seem Way Less Bad (Kind Of)

If you watched the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, you were probably left thinking, “What just happened?” I mean, the whole thing was totally weird — but, as it turns out, I (and you) missed the most important part. Apparently, on the sidelines of the debate, Hillary and Ken Bone (you … Read more

8 Times “Saturday Night Live” Nailed the Total Weirdness of the Second Presidential Debate

We know Presidential nominee Donald Trump absolutely hated it, but most of America thought “Saturday Night Live” perfectly captured the totally weird and mostly inappropriate second Presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Before Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon even came onto the screen, fake Anderson Cooper and fake Martha Raddatz took a shot and … Read more

Alec Baldwin Returns to ‘SNL’ As Donald Trump

Just in time for debate season, “Saturday Night Live” returned this weekend for its 42nd season. Of course, the opening sketch was bound to be about the recent presidential debate. It was more of a SparkNotes of the debate rather than a satire of it. But what could the poor writers of “SNL” do? They … Read more

9 Country Music Songs That Should Have Been Injected Into the First Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton said it best, “one down, two to go!” Which means, Americans only have to suffer through two more debates and just a few more weeks of campaigning between Clinton and Donald Trump. The debate was entertaining— until those watching remembered– this is it. Mostly, it was tame, unlike the “Anything Goes”(Florida Georgia Line) … Read more

Fake Donald Trump and Fake Hillary Clinton Appear on “Dancing with the Stars” in Truly Terrifying Cameo

Network TV was cut short for the first Presidential debate, leaving “Dancing With the Stars” for only a few minutes of unnecessary filler. And how did they choose to spend those minutes? A presidential dance-off that was so truly terrifying ABC didn’t even put it on the Internet. The dance candidates were outfitted with Donald … Read more

Forget Drinking Games, This is the Most Positive Way to Watch (and Enjoy) the Presidential Debate

As the country gears up to hire a new President, we’re also gearing up to watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tear each other apart on national television during the presidential debates. The candidates will take part in three scheduled debates and as every other website in the world tells you to play a drinking … Read more

Connie Britton, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth and 600 Other Celebrities Perform A Capella “Fight Song” for Hillary Clinton

Your move, Scott Baio. Elizabeth Banks (“Pitch Perfect”) rounded up a slew of celebrities to join in on an a capella collaboration of Rachel Platten’s empowering hit, “Fight Song” for a collective endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. The various film, television and random famous people participated in the piece co-produced by Bruce Cohen and … Read more

James Corden’s “60 Minutes” Interview with Hillary Clinton will Make You LOL

Throughout this presidential race, late night TV shows and late night TV show hosts have, as always, played a huge part in keeping things light, making us laugh and speaking all of our minds. During a recent episode of “The Late Late Show,” comedian and late show host James Corden revealed that, after presidential candidate … Read more