Hey ‘Home Alone’ Fans – A Re-Boot Of Your Favorite Movie Might Be in the Works

Macaulay Culkin might do sequel to Home Alone movie

In an effort to prove once more that everything old is new again, the beloved movie Home Alone just might be getting a reboot. [RELATED: Macaulay Culkin Reprises “Home Alone” Role in New Commercial [Watch]] The announcement was made Tuesday (August 6) as part of the bigger news that Disney would be coming out with a brand … Read more

Macaulay Culkin Reprises “Home Alone” Role in New Commercial [Watch]

If you are anything like most of the human population, chances are that sometime during the holiday season, you will light a fire, get cozy on your couch and watch the classic movie Home Alone. And if you are indeed one of those people, you are going to love this. Macaulay Culkin, who played the … Read more