Chip Gaines Dishes On Joanna’s Plans For Baby Boy’s Nursery: “It’ll Be The Most Beautiful Room in the Whole House”

chip and joanna baby nursery

Joanna Gaines has designed some incredibly beautiful spaces for people on “Fixer Upper,” including a few kids’ rooms and nurseries that were out-of-this-world. Now, she’s prepping for baby no. 5 which, of course, includes setting up a new nursery at their Waco farmhouse. In an interview with, Chip opened up about Joanna’s progress on the … Read more

Joanna Gaines’ Fool-Proof Trick for Picking the Right Paint Color from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is Brilliant

Few things are worse than buying a tub of paint and painting an entire wall only to realize that you hate the color or that it doesn’t look the way you intended– and of course, Joanna Gaines is here to fix that. Joanna recently launched her new paint line, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, filled with … Read more

7 Under-$20 Hanging Planters That Will Get Your House Spring Ready

Spring is officially springing, which means it’s time to spruce up your garden space and plant some fresh blooms! When it comes to most of my plants (especially peppers, spices and herbs), I like to use pots and planters that I can bring inside during the chillier seasons so that I can enjoy them for … Read more

Joanna Gaines’ Paint Collection, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, is Here and It’s Huge

Magnolia Paint

Have you ever been redecorating or reorganizing a room in your house and asked yourself, What would Joanna Gaines do? Of course you have– she’s a renovation, design and home-decor and pretty much all-around goddess, and now your entire home can have a touch of JG. The Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines paint collection features 150 shades … Read more

9 Spring Wreath Ideas That Will Make Your Front Door Happier Than Ever

Spring is springing, which means it’s time to freshen up your home decor! Grab your hot glue gun and some florals and put together a pretty DIY wreath to welcome spring in full swing! 1. You can’t help but smile when you see this! Grab a mixture of fake flowers and stems and go crazy! View … Read more

HGTV Announced Their 2018 Dream Home Giveaway Winner and We’re So Jealous, It Hurts

In case you missed it, HGTV just wrapped up their 22nd edition of their “Dream Home Giveaway” where experts at HGTV design and construct a house that they give away to one lucky winner. The home is located in Gig Harbor, Washington, sitting right on the water. HGTV Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn took transformed … Read more

Jason and Brittany Aldean’s House is Cooler Than Anything You Ever Saw on MTV’s “Cribs”

If you weren’t in junior high or high school in the early ’00s, you may have not been privy to the greatness that was MTV’s “Cribs.” The show took viewers inside celebrity homes to see, mostly, all the cool gadgets and fancy cars they owned, but also the everyday stuff, too. And Jason and Brittany … Read more

Target Has an All-New (and Super Affordable) Home Decor Line Coming and It’s Pretty Much Perfect

If you’re anything like me, you usually go into Target with one or two things on your list and end up coming out with about a dozen bags of stuff you really didn’t need, per say. Luckily, Target usually has decent prices on most items, and they offer lots of random ways to get discounts– … Read more

Mandy Moore Had Her Pantry Professionally Organized and Her Reaction Was the Cutest Thing Ever

Mandy Moore continues to prove herself to be just like the rest of us– from having to wear under-eye patches from crying so much after watching Jack die on “This Is Us” to finding posters of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez in the fireplace of her new home, she’s always been pretty relatable and down … Read more

4 Tips From Joanna Gaines on How To Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

I don’t know about you but when I watch an episode of “Fixer Upper,” I always find myself thinking how easy some of the upgrades Chip and Joanna do are. Granted, I’m no Joanna Gaines and I never will be, but I can choose a paint color and know how to put together a gallery … Read more

3 Paint Colors Joanna Gaines Is Obsessed With Right Now That You Should Use in Your House

Joanna Gaines is what I would consider an expert on all things home decor. From knowing exactly how to decorate a bookshelf to picking the perfect patterns for throw pillows, Joanna is pretty much a color genius– and now, Joanna has her own paint collection through her brand, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, and she … Read more

5 Tips for Decorating Your Home When You’re On A Budget

Didn’t someone once say, “a man’s home is his castle”? But, sometimes, our homes don’t feel like castles, do they? Decorating is hard and expensive, so let’s figure out how to do it on a budget. Use every available space. Buy materials in the off-season. Make what you can! Use walls to create storage space. … Read more