JJ Watt Named SI’s 2017 Sportsperson of the Year During “The Tonight Show” After Raising $39 Million for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Unfortunately, for JJ Watt and the Houston Texans, this will be a season they would both like to forget, as Watt suffered a gruesome, season-ending injury just 5 weeks into the season. And though they may forget that his on-field accomplishments weren’t much, the city of Houston will never forget his off-the-field triumphs in the … Read more

A Man Called In An Order For A Burrito And A Boat At Chick-Fil-A In Houston And They Delivered Both

Who would you call if you were hungry and your house was flooding? One Houston resident called a local Chick-Fil-A and to order food and a boat. And wouldn’t you know it, they went above and beyond, bringing food, a rescue boat and two jet-ski’s to rescue the elderly man and his wife. They filled … Read more

Local News Reporter Loves That People Are Sharing Shots Of ‘Water’ With Each Other In Houston

The devastation left by Hurricane Harvey has brought out some of the best in Americans. It has proven our resolve and determination to care for those in need. But local news is gonna local news. A clip of victims being rescued in high water went viral after a reporter pointed out a sweet moment. She … Read more

Coldplay Played A New Song (That They Will Never Play Again) In Support Of Houston

Coldplay is not a country band, but they wrote a country inspired song to honor and support everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Before they started to play the song, frontman Chris Martins said, “This is a new song and we’ll never play it again. It’s a once-off called ‘Houston.’” Coldplay debuted the song in Miami, … Read more

Joel Osteen Says His Church Was Never Asked to Be a Shelter and Its Doors Have Always Been Open

After days of scrutiny, Houston-area pastor and worldwide Christian personality, Joel Osteen, is speaking out about his church’s inaction in response to Hurricane Harvey. Osteen took to “Today” to respond to social media critics. Osteen reminded viewers that some people in Houston were stranded just across the street from his Lakewood Church, even if the … Read more

Locals Band Together To Help The Animals Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has destroyed homes and displaced families across the southern coast of Texas. Officials expect the high waters to remain high over the next week as flood waters drain through the streets. The 24-hour news cycle is covering everything how humans are weathering the storm, but what happens to the native animals in storms … Read more