The Lasagna Soup Recipe Every Pasta Lover Needs To Try

Any excuse to eat more lasagna is a good excuse in my book! Now that the temperature is dropping, I’m on the lookout for new soups, chilis and other hot dishes to make, and this lasagna soup recipe fits the bill perfectly! It’s cheesy, packed with flavor, and really easy to make. Ingredients: 1 tbsp … Read more

Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo Recipe You Need To Try

If you have an Instant Pot (which, you should), this recipe is a must-try! It’s easy, quick and packed with so much flavor, you’ll want to make it again and again! Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo Recipe: Ingredients: 2 boneless, skinless chicken breast Salt and pepper 1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tbsp. olive oil 2 tbsp. … Read more

Paula Deen’s “Naughty Creamed Corn” Recipe is a Must-Try

Leave it to Paula Deen to come up with a creamed corn recipe that is so sinfully delicious, they had to put “naughty” in the title! It’s incredibly easy to make and will serve as the perfect side dish for your next get together. Paula Deen’s “Naughty Creamed Corn” Recipe: Ingredients: 6 slices of bacon … Read more

How To Make Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese

I loved grilled cheese more than most foods, and this recipe is kind of like grilled cheese on steroids. It’s so much easier than you might think and makes for a hearty, delicious meal. How To Make Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese: Ingredients: 1 tbsp. butter 2 slices white or sourdough bread 1 tbsp. plus 2 … Read more

Oven-Baked Onion Ring Recipe That You’ll Want To Make on the Reg

Onion rings are right up there with fried pickles on my list of the finer things in life. This recipe for oven-baked onion rings is so easy and is perfect for making at home for the super bowl or watch party. Oven-Baked Onion Ring Recipe: Ingredients: Nonstick cooking spray 4 cups baked potato chips 1/2 … Read more

How To Make Cowboy Butter That Tastes Delicious On Almost Anything

If you haven’t experienced the goodness that is cowboy butter, you’re seriously missing out! It’s so easy to make and tastes great on anything from cornbread to steak and chicken. How To Make Cowboy Butter: Ingredients: 1 cup butter, melted Juice of 1/2 a lemon 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 small shallot, minced 2 tbsp. … Read more

The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti Recipe is the Perfect Weeknight Dinner

I’m always struggling to find new meals to make during the week for dinner. I love to cook, but there are some days when it’s the very last thing I want to do when I get home from work. This recipe is easy to make and can be prepared a couple of days in advance … Read more