Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Agree to End Ongoing Feud For One Day Only

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds end feud for all in challenge

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been feuding for years. Apparently, according to their video, they’ve been feuding for as long as there have been Jackman’s and Reynolds.’ The two actors have decided to put that feud aside for on day, and one day only. They are calling a truce for a good cause, the … Read more

Hugh Jackman Inspires Jimmy Fallon to Attempt a Guinness World Record [Watch]

hugh jackman jimmy fallon

When Hugh Jackman was a child, he would have done anything to be in the Guinness Book of World Records—including staying awake and playing badminton continuously for 56 hours. His dream has come true. During a visit on “The Tonight Show,” Hugh Jackman shared that he and his brother’s childhood revolved around making it into … Read more

Hugh Jackman Performs “The Greatest Show” on Today [WATCH]

Not many artists would raise their hand to the opportunity to perform outside of the Today show in the dead of winter. But Hugh Jackman isn’t like any other artist. The guy is one of a kind. The Greatest Showman star delighted a packed crowd of bundled-up fans on “Today” to sing some of the … Read more

Hugh Jackman Said Ryan Reynolds is Too Thirsty on National TV

It’s a complicated trolling history that dates back to before most of us were born, but Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds really can’t get enough of each other. Mostly, Ryan takes to Twitter to roast Hugh whenever he has any sort of opportunity. But, Hugh may have just won the war after a recent appearance … Read more

John Cena Got First Dance Tips from Hugh Jackman and Nikki Bella Better Have Been Watching

Turns out, though Nikki Bella had been waiting on John Cena to propose for years, he was actually really nervous the audience at WrestleMania would breakout in a “no! no! no!” chant. Fortunately, they didn’t and the two are happily planning the wedding of their dreams. There’s just one problem– Nikki just finished up a … Read more

Hugh Jackman Learning How to Slurp Ramen Noodles Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Apparently, there’s a wrong way to slurp ramen noodles. Who knew? Ivan Orkin, of Ivan Ramen in New York City, came to Hugh Jackman’s rescue so he won’t be embarrassed while scarfing down the goods. The actor — who most recently starred in Logan — shared a clip of his lesson from Ivan and it’s … Read more

Hugh Jackman Roasts Ryan Reynolds, as Ryan Reynolds

If you’ll remember, in the last scene of “Deadpool,” Ryan Reynolds appeared with a Hugh Jackman cutout over his face. The moment happened when Deadpool’s girlfriend went to remove his mask for the first time. In order to protect her from the shock of seeing his deformed face, he taped a picture of Hugh on … Read more

Hugh Jackman and Luke Evans Go Head-to-Head in Gaston Sing-Off

You remember Gaston from the classic fairytale “Beauty and the Beast,” right? He’s the ultra macho guy who drinks a lot of beer, constantly brags on himself and is super into flirting with all the ladies — namely, Belle. Well, in 1995, actor Hugh Jackman played the character of Gaston in the original Australian production … Read more