Ryan Reynolds Joking That Celebrities Will Get Us Through Coronavirus is Everything [Watch]

Ryan Reynolds humorous coronavirus PSA about celebrities

While we all know that the doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery workers and truck drivers are the heroes during the coronavirus pandemic we are currently under, Ryan Reynolds has other ideas. In a time when joking and laughter are much sought after commodities, Ryan shows his sense of humor in a video on social media … Read more

10 Hilarious Things Every First Time Mom Googles

Absolutely frantic – that’s how I felt when I left the hospital with my first child, my newborn son. Sure, I had a copy of “What to Expect the First Year,” but I barely had time to take a shower, much less check a baby encyclopedia to make sure I was doing this whole mom … Read more

Let The Storytelling Queen Of The South Teach You How To Tell A Tall Tale

Storytelling is a southern art form. Whether you are sitting on the porch, eating dessert, or out fishing, the ability to tell a tale is an invaluable quality. Jeanne Robertson has been traveling the south telling her stories professionally for 54 years. She still holds the record for being the tallest Miss America contestant in … Read more

NPR Complied The Ultimate List Of Over 350 Dad Jokes, Children Across The World Respond, “Ugh, DAAAAD!”

The perfect Dad joke is not meant to be funny. Laughter is a happy but unnecessary byproduct. While they are clever combination of word play and situational comedy all rolled into a teachable moment, a Father has not delivered a good “Dad Joke” until everyone in the room groans and rolls their eyes. It is … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Pranks NBA Star With Fake Charity “Children Without Hoverboards”

Man, I love a good prank, and this one ranks up with some of the funniest celebrity out there. Jimmy Kimmel and Minnesota Timberwolves player Zach LaVine pranked their friend Jamal Crawford of the LA Clippers connecting him with charity “Children Without Hoverboards.” The problem is that “Children Without Hoverboards” does not exist and if … Read more

James Corden And David Bekham Compete To Become The New James Bond

Soon, there will be a new James Bond. Rumors have swirled as to who the next dashing Brit will be to fill 007’s tuxedo. It could be anyone. James Corden and David Bekham aren’t waiting around to find out. Rather, they are taking the bull by the horns and competing for the role mano y … Read more

5 (Hilarious) New Year’s Resolutions That Should Be Made After the Age of 50

We all know New Year’s resolutions are never (ever) kept. They tend to seem super attainable on January 1, but by around January 2, all hope of accomplishing your new goals has crumbled. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to create of list of resolutions that should be made by the over-50 … Read more

The Truth Behind Every Fashionable Instagram Account

You’ve probably seen countless Instagram photos of girls perfectly posed, cups of lattes perfectly brewed and meals perfectly posed. But do you know what actually goes on behind the scenes to get these shots? Do they use a tripods? Do they ask strangers to take the photos? No. No they don’t. They have what The Mystery Hour … Read more

The Best (Worst) White Elephant Gifts Ever

White Elephant parties are in full swing this holiday season which means people are exchanging creative and hilarious gifts at parties everywhere. Sometimes the gifts are good one, but other times — not so much. We turned to the internet to find the best, worst gifts we could find and we’ve been laughing ever since! The Best … Read more

Would You Let This Guy Cut Your Hair?

I’ve officially seen it all. Hairdresser, Alberto Olmedo from Madrid, Spain, takes a rather medieval approach to cutting his clients hair. Meaning, he uses Samurai swords and fire. One could say he is a modern day Edward Scissorhands judging from the tools he is using. The hairdresser swears by his mathematical technique, but I’m not … Read more