26 Things You Should Never Say to a Short Girl

Being short in stature can draw some frustrating, even patronizing comments. We all know they are usually said in good humor, but really, there are just some things that are just better left unsaid. To help you out, we made a list of things that you should keep to yourself when speaking to the “vertically … Read more

12 Signs You Are a Homebody

For a homebody the phrase, “Home is where the heart is,” is a literal one. And they want their heart at home as often as possible. In their minds, home is the ultimate comfort zone and place they can enjoy total relaxation. If you find yourself craving evenings curled up with a nice warm pizza, … Read more

Halloween Office Pranks That Will Scare The Crap Out of Your Co-Workers

Office pranks have a long history in the workplace with a lot of folks finding Halloween to be the perfect holiday to get a good scare out of unsuspecting co-workers. In order to find the best and the scariest pranks, I turned to the web and found a lot of really great ones that even made me a little envious. I … Read more