Kenny Chesney’s “Songs for the Saints” Came at a “Really, Really Scary Time”

Kenny Chesney album release

Kenny Chesney began writing what would become his latest album, Songs for the Saints, after learning that Hurricane Irma tore through his home in the Virgin Islands. While he was in Nashville during the storm, his friends on the islands were taking cover in his home there. And with electricity out and cell towers knocked down, … Read more

Kenny Chesney Reveals Motivation Behind New Album, “Songs For the Saints”

Kenny Chesney beach video

With the release of his new album, Songs for the Saints, only a week away (July 27), Kenny Chesney is sharing his motivation behind music in a new video. Posted to his YouTube page, Kenny’s video show’s the singer on the island he loves so much, talking about his new album and the reason he wanted … Read more

Jake Owen Launches His “Bring Back The Sunshine” Campaign To Help Florida Victims Of Hurricane Irma

Country music stars have been using their influence as a force for good in the wake of two devastating hurricanes. A lot of attention has been given to Hurricane Harvey recovery in Texas, but let’s not forget about our fellow Americans in Florida. Jake Owen has launched a one-time donation service called “Bring Back the … Read more

Kenny Chesney Rescues Teen Boys From Virgin Islands With Private Plane

There have been many people wanting to help those affected by Hurricane Irma and Kenny Chesney is no exception. According to CNN, two teenage boys—the Bruce brothers—were hunkering down in their house with their grandfather when Hurricane Irma came crashing through, destroying their home with everything in it. “We were in the shower laying down … Read more

Seating Chart and Guide to Almost Every Celebrity Working the Phones During ‘Hand In Hand: A Benefit For Hurricane Relief’

Aside from raising millions of dollars for Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims, Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief featured celebrities from across the nation (and a couple of Canadians). Some, put on masterful performances, some told victim stories and others worked the phones taking donations from viewers. The seating arrangements had to have … Read more

Kenny Chesney Is Back In The Studio Recording Music To Help The Virgin Islands

Kenny Chesney’s home was destroyed by Hurricane Irma when the then category 5 storm swept through the barrier islands of the Caribbean. The windows in his house were tested to withstand 200mph winds, but they could not withstand Irma. While Chesney can rebuild his home, many on the islands cannot. The majority of the island’s … Read more

Kristen Bell and All of Her Senior Citizen Hurricane Irma BFF Evacuees Were on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

In case you didn’t know, Kristen Bell was shooting a movie in Orlando and got stuck in the path of Hurricane Irma. She is currently at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort with a few hundred senior citizens, families and dogs. Because Kristen Bell is now confirmed to be the world’s greatest human, Jimmy Kimmel had … Read more

Kristen Bell Couldn’t Leave Florida Before Hurricane Irma, So She Turned a Shelter Into the Happiest Place on Earth for Evacuees

If you have ever seen a photo or video of a celebrity doing something really cool for other people and thought, “that’s all for show,” let’s take a look at what Kristen Bell has been doing in Orlando, as she rides out Hurricane Irma with locals. Bell was in Orlando (presumably for some Disney stuff, … Read more

Kenny Chesney Creates Love For Love City Foundation To Benefit Hurricane Irma Victims—”They Are Facing An Uphill Battle”

Hurricane Irma has caused massive destruction in the Caribbean as it continues on it’s path to Florida. One of those people affected by the storm was country artist Kenny Chesney. Chesney spends much of his time in the islands, where he has a house that ended up being destroyed. But Chesney isn’t worried about himself. … Read more

Non-Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Have Been Married 75 Years Will Force Winds of Love

In July, Harvey Schluter turned 104-years-old. His bride, Irma will turn 93 in November. The couple, who happen to bear the names of two of the biggest hurricanes to hit the U.S. in decades, have been married for 75 years. The couple met in Washington in the 194os and were married in 1942. They briefly … Read more

Kenny Chesney Shared Images Of Irma’s ‘Total Devastation’ And Is Determined To Dig In And Help Rebuild

As Hurricane Irma is looming over Florida, news is pouring in from the devastation it has created throughout the Caribbean. Kenny Chesney spends a lot of time on the islands, bar hopping on Jost Van Dyke and relaxing on St. John. But he did not find paradise as the sun rose this morning. Chesney wrote … Read more

Vacationer Tweets 24 Hours Of Hurricane Irma From Her Resort In The Carribean

Adrianna Prosser was vacationing in the Dominican Republic when she heard Hurricane Irma, a storm bigger and more powerful than Hurricane Harvey, was headed straight for her resort at Punta Cana. The storm (which is larger than France) was too fast to allow evacuation, so all she could do was hunker down and wait out … Read more