Kelly Clarkson Throws Shade at iHeart Radio in the Most Endearing Way

Kelly Clarkson IHeart Radio shade Twitter

Kelly Clarkson is known for standing up for herself on social media. If someone does her wrong in a tweet, she’s right there to answer back. Well, the pop singer doesn’t just take on social media trolls, she also stands up to radio. In a post on Twitter, iHeart Radio was promoting Kelly Clarkson’s new … Read more

The Complete List of Ryan Seacrest’s Many, Many Jobs

Ryan Seacrest, the man who was once the boy host of “American Idol,” may have the most stressful schedule of any person in the world. He hosts everything from radio to YouTube events, has over 75 producing credits to his name, and has a line of clothing, home goods, and skincare products in Macy’s. What … Read more

3 Ways to Live a Better Life (According to Randy Houser)

Mississippi-born country music sensation Randy Houser is a vat of knowledge when it comes to living a “Fired Up” life. As a dedicated husband, loving father and talented musician, Randy has built up a wealth of knowledge about how to become a successful, happy person, and in a recent interview with iHeart Radio, he shared … Read more