Photographer Gives Kids With Serious Health Issues The Superhero Makeover They Deserve

Nothing draws audiences to theaters like a superhero movie. They encourage us to dream big, serve others, and view talents and abilities as super powers. For kids, they are life changing. They latch on to heroes like Wonder Woman and Superman, knowing that they can overcome the odds just like their Justice League idols. Photographer … Read more

Ballparks Rally to Make a Little Girl’s Dream of Throwing Out a First Pitch a Reality

Haley Dawson is a little gal with big league dreams. Haley loves baseball but, due to a rare disease, was born without three fingers on her right hand making throwing a baseball nearly impossible. But that never stopped her from dreaming big. After receiving a specially-made 3-D printed hand Haley doesn’t just want to throw … Read more

Fans Surprise John Cena To Thank Him For Being Their “Life Changer”

You never know what your words and actions mean to someone else. Even if you are put on a pedestal you can only hope that your life is a source of positive change in the world. John Cena has built his wrestling career on being a hard working guy who cares about his fans, inspiring … Read more

9-Year-Old Named After Celine Dion Nailed “My Heart Will Go On” and Like, WOW

I am starting a petition to rename “America’s Got Talent.” It think the show should be called “Really Unassuming People With Inspirational Backstories And Talents Take You By Surprise.” It’s more descriptive. We know that there are talented people in this country. That’s obvious. Somehow, the show finds people like Celine Tam, a diminutive 9 … Read more

Jon Cena Inspires The Nation By Deadlifting Jimmy Fallon

John Cena, the invisible man, is a monster. Not psychologically, of course–he is one of the more inspiring and kind persons in the wrestling world. In fact, his show “American Grit” is focused on inspiring the nation with stories of people who never give up. Cena is, however, a physical beast who celebrating his 40th … Read more

Brad Paisley Surprises An Illinois High School With An Inspirational Graduation Concert

Brad Paisley was not supposed to attend Barrington High School’s graduation. But that’s what made the surprise so memorable. After a brief introduction, Paisley walked on stage, sharing words of wisdom with the graduates and playing “Letter to Me” and “Last Time for Everything.” The surprise appearance was the result of a competition held by … Read more