The Internet Has Some Weird Questions About Idris Elba And Matthew McConaughey

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Nick Offerman Goes Undercover To Rate Ron Swanson Tattoos And Fix His Wikipedia

Nick Offerman is no friend of the Internet. He’s no enemy either. It’s just, well, he doesn’t care. He claims to be “bad at opening laptops” which, if you want to use a computer, is not even step number one. So what would happen if Mr. Offerman created Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, YouTube, and Reddit … Read more

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Courtesy Of The Internet

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Steve Carrell And Kristen Wiig Answer The Weirdest, Most Searched Questions People Have About Them

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John Cena ‘Brings The Thunder’ When He Answers Random Questions

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Milo Ventimiglia Makes Everyone Cry on “The Late Show”

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“I Literally Have Everything I’ve Ever Wanted”: Chris Stapleton Talks About Success with Charlie Rose

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6 Things I Learned From Justin Bieber’s “I Want to Live Like Jesus” Interview

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