Texas Woman Filming Herself During A Halftime Show Is Everyone’s Grandmother

There is nothing quite like the Texas A&M marching band. If you have ever seen them live, you know what I mean. Their precision, uniformity, and excellence is really something to behold even for fans of the opposing team. One Aggie fan attempted to record the show but, in a classic Grandma way, ended up … Read more

Here’s A Preview Of The New Emoji You Can Expect To See On Your iPhone Soon

It’s about that time again, folks! Apple has announced that they are getting ready to launch a whole new set of Emoji icons, and the list of additions is GOOD. When gender and skin tone variations are taken into account, we can expect a total of 239 new Emoji. The new icons will be available … Read more

Photographer Brings His Favorite Cartoon Characters To Life Using His Phone

French photographer Francois Droulen loves cartoons so much that he wanted to bring them into real life. While most of us would just go to Disney World, Droulen decided to use his own talent and unique eye to make fiction a reality. The results are both hilarious and brilliantly creative. Where I see a seagull, … Read more