“This Is Us” Adds Michael Angarano as Jack’s Brother in Season 3

Michael Angarano this is us

If you’ve gotten used to the faces on the NBC television drama “This is Us,” get ready for a new face this season. NBC has announced that Michael Angarano will be joining the cast in season 3 as Nicky, Jack’s (played by Milo Ventimigia) little brother. If you are a fan of the show, you … Read more

Milo Ventimiglia Reveals What Lies Ahead for Jack on “This Is Us”

“This is Us” fans are eagerly looking forward to the Season 3 premiere of the heartfelt show come September. But until then, Mito Ventimiglia is giving fans some big hints as to what lies ahead for the show’s characters, including his very own character of Jack Pearson. “Looking at where we left a lot of … Read more

Oliver Hudson Was Almost Cast As Jack Pearson on “This Is Us,” But He Missed a Final Reading For Something Very Important

Now that “This Is Us” is entering its third season, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Milo Ventimiglia playing our beloved and revered Jack Pearson— but, as it turns out, Oliver Hudson was SUPER close to playing the part. In an interview on Entertainment Tonight’s LadyGang Podcast, Hudson shared that he nailed his initial audition for … Read more

9 Hilariously Sad Tweets From the Season 2 Finale of “This Is Us”

Per the usual, the finale episode for season 2 of “This Is Us” brought the emotions, but in a much different way than episodes prior. The Pearsons were finally in the same place at the same time for Kate and Toby’s wedding, but of course– Jack is still dead. As the big day begins to … Read more

Milo Ventimiglia Wants Families to Learn From His TV Death (And It Is Not About Crock-Pot)

We can’t say for certain, but the death of Jack Pearson on “This Is Us” will likely go down as one of the most devastating in TV history. Because of this, Milo Ventimiglia, who isn’t a father in real life but plays one on TV wants fans to learn from the death. The actor has teamed … Read more

Leaked Photos From “This Is Us” Set Show Jack Pearson As An Old Man With Rebecca?!

As we emotionally prepare for some emotional time bomb to explode on “This Is Us” during Kate and Toby’s wedding because of a dog or a brother with a drug problem, we might need to be preparing for something even worse– Jack Pearson alive and well at the nuptials. If you’re behind– catch up! We’re now two … Read more

Milo Ventimiglia Shaved Off Jack Pearson’s Signature Mustache Because Jack Pearson is DEAD

If you are alive and free in the United States of America right now, you’ve probably heard the news– Jack Pearson from “This Is Us” is dead and it’s all because he didn’t unplug an 18-year-old Crockpot. We’ve had two episodes of the show post-Jack now and to really drive home the message to fans … Read more

Milo Ventimiglia/Jack Pearson Asks “This Is Us” Fans to Forgive Crock-Pot in New Ad

Crock-Pot didn’t know they were about to become the topic of conversations across the country when 2018 started, but just a few weeks in, thanks to “This Is Us,” the beloved company found itself in quite the predicament– it was responsible for potentially killing off everyone’s current favorite TV dad, Jack Pearson. So, because it’s … Read more

13 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 13 of “This Is Us”

For the most part, I’ve only been super emotionally invested in a few TV shows over the course of my life, as they happened in real time. I’ve jumped on and off the “This Is Us” train emotionally several times, but the most recent episode “That’ll Be The Day,” (season 2, episode 13) didn’t just … Read more

“This Is Us” Producer Says We’re Close to Jack Dying

The most recent episode of “This Is Us,” was a bit of a filler episode in that, we all needed a minute to recover from that Pearson family therapy session. Other than Kevin moving in with Rebecca and Miguel, not much happened– unless you remember one little line from a flashback scene in which, Rebecca … Read more

13 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 3 of “This Is Us”

Season 2 of NBC’s hit show, “This Is Us” is only three episodes in, but the Internet is millions of tissues in debt to the emotional toll its taking on them. The most recent episode, “Deja Vu” featured the first real big-time guests stars in Sylvester Stallone and Ron Howard. Sly, as he tells Kevin … Read more