Jimmy Fallon Receives Backlash After Racial “Saturday Night Live” Skit Resurfaces; Issues Apology

Jimmy Fallon backlash for blackface in SNL skit

Jimmy Fallon is learning the hard way that nothing really disappears from the good ‘ole World Wide Web. The Tonight Show host is currently dealing with the ramifications of his actions, as a video recently resurfaced of him wearing blackface as he impersonated Chris Rock during a Saturday Night Live skit back in 2000. [RELATED: … Read more

Jamie Foxx and James Corden Had a 9-Minute Riff-Off Battle and It Was Truly Amazing

Triple-threat Jamie Foxx has been everywhere lately and his lately appearance was one of his best yet– a riff-off battle with James Corden on the “Late Late Show.” Foxx appeared out of nowhere to challenge Corden, as Corden was discussing photos of dogs wearing sunglasses. The battle was intense, as Foxx brought in an A … Read more

Jamie Foxx Performed a Love Song For Cleveland, The Saddest City In America

In this troubling time, when the world feels like it spinning out of control, we all just need to know everything will be OK. Of course, I’m talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers losing the NBA Finals. Where do we (pretty much just people in Cleveland, Ohio) go from here? Thank the Lord for Jamie Foxx, … Read more

Jamie Foxx’s Real Name Is Not Jamie Foxx And The Internet Is Losing It’s Mind

We feel like we know our favorite celebrities and in a way that’s true. We know a lot about them from detailed interviews and know their personalities from talk shows and press junkets. We feel familiar with them. Therefore, when we find out a celebrity like Jamie Foxx uses a stage name, we lose our … Read more

Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx Singing “Bitch Better Have My Money” As An Opera Is Truly Masterful

It doesn’t matter who it is or what the song is, if Jimmy Fallon challenges a guest to a musical contest– it’s bound to be hilarious. The latest contestant on “The Tonight Show” random genre generator ws Jamie Foxx and he put on quite a show. Fallon did a great job singing “Can’t Feel Like … Read more