Gabrielle Union Comes Clean About What Really Happened on the Set of “America’s Got Talent”

Gabrielle Union speaks out about Americas got talent controversy

Speculation has run rampant as to what truly drove actress Gabrielle Union from her spot at the judging table of America’s Got Talent. But now, in a new interview with Variety, Union is touching on just some of the many instances in which she felt she was being untreated unfairly. “I signed up for the experience … Read more

Brad Paisley Burns Out In A Camaro With Jay Leno After He Finally Remembered to Put the Car in Gear

Brad Paisley joined former late night host and renowned car enthusiast Jay Leno for a joyride in a beefed-up Camero. The car had been outfitted with a line lock which as Leno explains in the video, allows you to burn out the car really easily. Paisley forgot one minor detail, however. He didn’t put the … Read more

14 Most Memorable Male ACM Fashions

Who says fashion is just for the ladies? The men of country music — and those who just visit one night a year — know how to draw attention with their threads as well. From Nudie suits to bow ties, country men take vastly different approaches to their awards attire. As we anxiously await the … Read more

Garth Brooks Serenaded Us on Jay Leno’s Last Show

There’s a good chance you were asleep when Jay Leno wrapped up his final show last night. If that was the case, here’s the video of Garth serenading the globe and Jay. Per the usual, it was awesome. But, it was also kind of dramatic, like Leno died or something. Enjoy! Garth Brooks – The … Read more