Sugarland Tackles Sensitive Issues in Powerful New Song, “Tuesday’s Broken”

sugarland backstage on tour

Days before their new album, Bigger, is set to be released on June 8, Sugarland is sharing a powerful new song called “Tuesday’s Broken,” from their upcoming album. The song, written by Jennifer and Kristian, has the duo singing about a tough issue we find all too common today— the rise of school shootings across … Read more

Jennifer Nettles’ Commencement Speech To Graduates Is Something We All Need to Hear

Jennifer Nettles giving commencement speech at Agnes Scott College

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles has been on stage performing in front of thousands and thousands of fans and has even tackled Broadway as Roxy Hart in “Chicago,” but it was a commencement speech at her alma mater, Agnes Scott College, that had the country singer a tad nervous. 

Sugarland’s Energetic Performance of “Still the Same” and “Bigger” Will Help Jumpstart Your Day

Sugarland performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

As Sugarland is making the rounds promoting their upcoming album, Bigger, the dynamic duo made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Friday night (May 4). Singing their current single, “Still the Same,” Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush brought their energetic show to the outdoor stage. They later gave the audience a taste of their upcoming … Read more

A Sneak Peek Into Sugarland’s Tour Rehearsal Proves They’re “Still the Same”

Sugarland tour rehearsal performance shot

Sugarland is gearing up to hit the road for their Still the Same Tour, that reunites the duo after five years apart. The dynamic duo gave industry insiders a sneak peek at what’s to come Thursday afternoon at Soundcheck in Nashville. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush taking the stage together was as if they never … Read more

Sugarland’s “Mother” is The Song Everyone Should Send To Their Mom’s

Sugarland on the red carpet released Mother

Mother’s day is just around the corner. If you’re struggling for what to get mom on this special day, Sugarland has you covered. Boy do they ever. The duo has released a second track from their upcoming album, Bigger, and it’s a tribute to mom. The mid-tempo song, written by the duo, reminds us everything that … Read more

Sugarland’s “Babe” Sounds Like Sugarland Singing a Taylor Swift Song, But That’s A Good Thing

If you, like many people, listened to Little Big Town’s “Better Man” upon its release 2 years and thought, this is a little Taylor Swift-ish, you weren’t wrong. I actually said it sounded a lot like the Red area, but couldn’t make sense of it because at the time, that didn’t make a ton of sense. … Read more

Sugarland Reveals How They Got the Song “Babe” From Taylor Swift

Sugarland talks about Taylor Swift cut Babe

Sugarland recently released the details of their upcoming album, Bigger, and one of those details was that they cut a song written by superstar Taylor Swift. The last time Taylor returned to the country world to write a song, she ended up with a No. 1 hit and a CMA Award. That song was “Better … Read more

Sugarland Reveals Info About New Album, “Bigger,” And It Includes Taylor Swift

Sugarland publicity photo on website

After a 5-year hiatus, Sugarland has reunited to release their sixth studio album, “Bigger,” their first new music in eight years. “We have always enjoyed playing in the margins and stretching the format,” said Jennifer. “But it’s fun to have taken this time away and seen how the format has expanded and how music has … Read more

Layla Spring’s High-Energy “American Idol” Performance with Sugarland Wasn’t Enough To Remain In Competition

Sugarland performing with Layla Spring on American Idol

After 12 of the Top 24 contestants remaining on “American Idol” completed solo performances on Sunday night (April 8), the same 12 returned Monday night (April 9) to try their hand at celebrity all-star duets. Sixteen-year-old Layla Spring saw her dreams come true when she got to perform with Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush. … Read more

Gabby Barrett’s “American Idol” Performance of “Stay” with Sugarland Was Basically Perfect

First off, am I allowed to say– it feels so good to have Sugarland back in the game? Anybody watching “American Idol” and the Top 24 duets had to agree, especially when it came time for their performance with Gabby Barrett. Gabby was fortunate enough to get tossed the GRAMMY-winning ballad, “Stay,” which Jennifer Nettles … Read more

7 Times Carrie Underwood Covered a Country Classic and Made It Sound Like Her Own

It’s been almost a year since Carrie Underwood announced she was signing with a new Nashville record label with the hopes of taking her country music stardom global. When the decision was announced it had been over a year since her last studio album, Storyteller, dropped and “Church Bells” had peaked at No. 1 on … Read more

Once Again, Jennifer Nettles is the Smartest Woman on Twitter/The Internet

Jennifer Nettles isn’t an oversharer or poster on social media, but when she chooses to tweet or share a photo on Instagram— it’s usually pretty profound. Like the time she led everyone to the promised land or the time she told everyone what’s actually in all those fancy juices– stuff you can eat. If you … Read more