Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren Akins Launches Jewelry Collab Benefitting Children in Uganda

It’s no secret that Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren has a heart for orphans and adoption. In fact, TR and Lauren adopted their daughter Willa Gray from Uganda in May of 2017 after a year-long adoption process. Now, Lauren has teamed up with Ladybird Jewelry out of Nashville and Love One International to create a jewelry … Read more

Zales Just Introduced A Line Of Disney Princess-Inspired Engagement Rings and They Are Stunning

There are a million places you can get an engagement ring, but only one that will give you a Disney Princess‘ happily ever after. Zales has released a line of Disney-inspired engagement rings that are downright gorgeous. You will want to add these rings to your Christmas list, even if you aren’t looking to get … Read more

A 14 Carat Pink Diamond Ring Sold For a Record $32 Million, Presumably To Elle Woods Herself

Most of us will never know what it feels like to wear a 14 carat diamond ring on our finger, nor will we know what it’s like to have $32 million to spend on said diamond ring. But according to a press release, a 14.93 carat “Fancy Vivid” pink diamond sold for $31,861,000, a world-record … Read more

Start Your Rockin’ R by Reba Collection Right With These Gorgeous Earrings

The Rockin’ R Collection by Reba has finally been released at Cracker Barrel, and with it, a gorgeous collection of jewelry, accessories, and housewares. With so many amazing things to choose from, it can be hard to really narrow it down to just one item. After all, many of us are on a budget these … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Wearing Mood Rings

Okay, so mood rings haven’t exactly been the height of popularity lately. These little trinkets have been relegated to dumpsters, closets, and younger family members, a bygone relic of another era. Some would say that this is good. Why champion dead fashion? But we’re pretty sure mood rings have a place in today’s fashion world. … Read more

7 Things You Should Definitely Buy Yourself for Valentine’s Day

I’ve only had an actual Valentine on Valentine’s day a handful of times, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t treated myself to more than a few Valentine’s Day gifts. Like Donna on “Parks and Rec” always says, “treat yo’ self!” 7 Things You Should Definitely Buy Yourself for Valentine’s Day: 1. Mint Paisley Monogram Initial Bracelet … Read more

Make a Statement With Handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry

If you are looking to make a statement without spending a bundle, this green, turquoise stone necklace is for you! Turquoise beads are accented with a natural piece of matching Regalite and though your necklace will resemble the one in the photo, they are hand crafted so no two are identical. This means it is unique, just like … Read more