Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert Performing “Girl Crush” Will Blow You Away

LBT and Miranda Lambert perform together

When Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town announced their co-headliningThe Bandwagon Tour, we didn’t know what to expect. But after kicking off the spectacular pairing last week in North Carolina, we got a good taste. The two A-list acts certainly give concert-goers a lot of bang for their buck. Fans are treated to hits from … Read more

Little Big Town “Overwhelmed” During Celebration for Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit Opening

Little Big Town Hall of Fame exhibit

It was a night that has been in the making from the beginning of their careers. Little Big Town was honored with their own exhibit at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame. Dubbed Little Big Town: The Power of Four, the new exhibit takes you on a walk down memory lane from when Karen, Jimi, … Read more

Little Big Town Brings The Heat with Carefree Video for “Summer Fever”

Little Big Town Summer Fever video

Summer may not officially be here but Little Big Town is definitely bringing the heat with their latest video for “Summer Fever,” the first release from their upcoming ninth studio album. The roll your windows down and turn up the radio anthem is already our go-to song of the Summer. However, the video just might … Read more

Little Big Town Heats Things Up With Sizzling New Single “Summer Fever”

Little Big Town Summer Fever

The calendar may not say it’s summer, but the temperatures are already registering HOT in much of the United States. It’s also shaping up to be a sizzling hot season for country music, and Little Big Town isn’t about to let this summer of fun pass without their own musical offering, “Summer Fever.” Co-written by … Read more

Charles Kelley Left the Funniest Comment on the Little Big Town/Miranda Lambert Tour Announcement Photo

Over the Holidays, Charles Kelley and Jimi Westbrook got some quality hangtime in at the beach. The buds spent time with each other’s families, but also got some real bro-time in during the College Football Playoff games. They did stuff like chest bump and jumping contests. Real dude stuff, you know. View this post on … Read more

14 Funniest Country Music Tweets of 2017

As we near the end of 2017, it’s only fitting that One Country shares a few of those classic, end of the year lists. Like you, we are kind of bored with the typical end of the year lists, so we’re putting our own spin on a few! This year, Twitter returned to the forefront … Read more

Jimi Westbook’s Birthday Post to Karen Fairchild Was Absolute Perfection

Karen Fairchild is country music’s most underrated badass. In a different world, Karen could be as much as a diva as Mariah Carey if she wanted to, but luckily she’s a more down-to-earth, super chill diva. Because Jimi Westbrook knows how truly cool Karen is, he shared the most perfect photo of her in honor … Read more

Jimi Westbrook’s Lead Vocals on Little Big Town’s “When Someone Stops Loving You” are Dreamy as All Get Out

It’s no doubt that Karen Fairchild’s often lead vocals on Little Big Town tunes are incomparable, but every now and then when Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook or Phillip Sweet take over it works. And then some. The group’s current single “When Someone Stops Loving” features sweltering, achey verses from Westbrook and he makes it feel … Read more

Little Big Town Met Willie Nelson and Jimi Westbrook Introduced Himself As… Kimberly

Just hours after the Internet declared Willie Nelson dead for the third time this year, Little Big Town took the same stage as the legend at Big Valley Jamboree in Alberta, Canada. Somehow, this was the first time the quartet and the Red Headed Stranger were performing at the same venue. LBT has been around … Read more

6 Most Profound Lyrics from Little Big Town’s ‘The Breaker’ That Might Make You Cry

Little Big Town’s first full-length album since 2014’s Pain Killer has finally dropped and The Breaker is everything it’s supposed to be and more. Mostly, it’s profound and catchy. At times, it’ll make you stop, think and probably cry. Each of the four band members had a hand in writing a few of the tunes, … Read more

Jimi Westbrook is in Trouble After Flying a Christmas Present Into Karen Fairchild

Jimi Westbrook has forgotten the cardinal rule of Christmas presents: don’t fly them into your wife! The Little Big Town star probably isn’t really in the doghouse, but his wife and bandmate Karen Fairchild posted this fun picture on social media, so we’re going to razz him a bit. Looks like Jimi and/or their son … Read more

Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook’s New Puppy is All Kinds of Cute

Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook are the proud parents of 6-year-old Elijah, but they’ve recently brought a new little puppy into their home and it’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. View this post on Instagram Well, here we go. Taking this little girl home with us. 😍 A post shared by Karen Fairchild (@karenfairchild) … Read more